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Monday, April 14, 2008

Here She Is...Miss Lazy Blogger!

Let's was a relatively quiet weekend. Chris got in a couple more fishing trips before the end of (ice) fishing season. All the ice shacks are off the lake and the ice road has been closed for just over a week.

Mom is coming along well; I stayed away for a couple days after she got home since I didn't want to haul both kids out there and wear her out too much too quickly. But I took just Cooper out for a visit on Sunday afternoon. Uncle Cliff, Auntie Lurdes, Uncle Bob, Auntie Josie, and Cindy were all there too. It was a full house!

I brought the new little DVD player for Mom since she can't do the stairs to go down to watch TV. I brought the movie Enchanted for her and Dad to watch. After we all visited, Mom had a bit of a cough and when she coughed she got a wicked headache in the back of her head. It freaked her out and the pain was so intense Dad took her up to the ER. I met up with them and they checked her out and figured perhaps she was a bit dehydrated or something. They gave her some meds for pain and some IV fluids and kept an eye on her for a few hours. She went home and had an okay day today, but she still has the headache. Hopefully each day will just get better and better.

I did another scrapbook layout over the weekend, using pictures of Carter and Cooper from last month when I let them fingerpaint. You can click the image to see it enlarged.

Christy Sturm - Butternug Squash Designs/NDISB:
Background paper - Art of a Child
Leather Photo Corners - Junk Drawer Blues
Zigzag Stitch - Color Blinded
Crumpled Notepaper - Where's My List? Element pack

Miss Mint - Peppermint Creative:
Paint splatters (recoloured) - Playground Pop & Treehouse Park
Cardboard edge - Craft Jar

ScarletHeels - White Crumpled Paper Alpha
Gunhild - Bent photo frame
Fonts: Little Pot and Abadi Condensed Light

Today after work I (finally) went to the hairdresser. It's so great to go (I only go two or three times a year) and get a fresh cut and colour. When I dye my hair myself, I just do a quick root touch up and I neglect the back of my head. The hairdresser always finds a whole pile of grey back there when she does it for me! I opted to get highlights again, so there's a whole new me now for spring time. Speaking of springtime, almost all our snow is gone, aside from the icky brown snowbanks that seemingly take forever to melt. With all the sand and salt that public works puts on the streets in the winter, it makes for a very messy spring. Ick. So now that all the snow is almost gone, I went to Dairy Queen on the way home from the hairdresser to pick up a couple Blizzards! I had my tried-and-true favourite, a Reese Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard, and I got Chris some sort of Chocolate Explosion or something like that. I only ate about half of mine; I ordered a big one anticipating having to share with the kids but they only wanted to eat the extra chocolate chunks on the top!

I'm not sure if I mentioned it before, but I enrolled Carter in soccer and that should be starting up in the next month or so. I'm really excited about it, particularly since he was puttering around the living room with a soccer ball last night and seems to already have an idea of what he's supposed to do.

So far I'm doing well with my fundraising for the Heart & Stroke Foundation's Big Bike Ride but I'm still looking for pledges. You can click HERE to go to my online pledge page if you haven't already checked it out or click the Big Bike logo in the left sidebar of my blog. Thanks to everyone who has already pledged me; I'm hoping to reach my goal amount soon!


Blogger Angie said...

What fun!!! I love this layout. It's such fun to see kids with paint-covered hands, isn't it??

I'm so glad your mom is home. I continue to pray that she gets better and better.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008 8:03:00 a.m.  

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