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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Well Colour Me Happy!

Happy Birthday Auntie Maggie!

Spring? Here.
Taxes? Done.
Visa? Paid.
Hair? Done.

Around here the colours of spring aren't too pretty. Dirty leftover snow left in sandy, salty piles here and there. Doggy doo-doo makes mushy little landmines all over the place. It's icky but at the same time wonderful! Almost all the snow is gone. We're wearing lighter jackets and the kids are stark raving mad over mud puddles. I've washed their coats twice this week. My next Wal-Mart list contains new rubber boots and splash pants.

It's tax time once again, and this year we took our taxes to an accountant. My sister usually does them for us (I am excellent with numbers but put a tax form in front of me and my skin crawls instantly) but she wanted us to make sure we get all the tax credits we're eligible for. So about a month ago I took our taxes to Mr. Accountant. Mr. Accountant is VERY nice and later that afternoon called me regarding some papers I forgot to bring in for Chris's tax return. He was already inputting our stuff!? I faxed the papers the next morning and didn't hear anything back from him. Hmmm. I figured this was going to be such a quick procedure. I waited a few days and called to speak with him. He was busy or with a client. I waited another week or so. Same thing. Okay, this dude is BUSY! But GOOOOOOOOOOD. Very good! Finally these few weeks later, I opened the mailbox to find a letter from good ol' Revenue Canada. And inside that usually dreaded piece of government correspondence was a tax assessment stating that I owe eighty-one dollars. I JUMPED FOR JOY!!! Because, last year I owed big bucks. And this year's return nearly covered the bill from last year that I had barely begun to pay. Woohoo! So, eighty-one bucks is a thing of beauty at this moment. Now I'm hoping Chris's ends up being a return too, and not a bill. Either way, it can't be as bad as mine was last year!

It's been a weird week at work; Monday flew. Tuesday dragged. Today kind of did too. But now I realize tomorrow is Thursday and that makes it seem like the week is moving along just fine. I've talked to Mom a little bit and it's been a rough week but she's coming along. Little did I know that technically she should have been hospitalized for at least two more weeks than she was. However, since she is so vulnerable to infection now without her spleen, a hospital is not the best place to be. So the doctor said if she could stand it, she could go home, limit the visitors, get plenty of rest and all should be well. Now that I know this, I'll try not to bug her too much or bring any germies near her.

Tonight we watched "Into the Wild". Wow. I really liked it. It was long and artsy-fartsy, but very well-done and not boring. I won't say what happens but I found it very interesting and the bottom line is, only good if it's shared. So true! Makes me so thankful to have the family and friends that I have to share life and happiness with!

Well, that's a wrap. I was actually intending to go to bed early tonight but that didn't pan out. I tried it last night but somebody got me up every hour until about three. All three of them. Varying reasons. Snores, milk requests, etc. Oy. I might as well stay up until three and get a few decent hours of sleep all at once! So for now I'll go do one or two (or a dozen) sudoku puzzles and see if it seems quiet enough to try to get some shuteye!


Blogger *~*Jill*~* said...

I'll color you, baby!

Ok - now I'm just waiting for the blog post.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008 8:23:00 p.m.  
Blogger Angie said...

I was hoping for pictures of new hair color. . .or something like that!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008 11:36:00 a.m.  

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