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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

This Little Camel Doesn't Store Water...

Hi! My name is Melany...(just reintroducing myself since I haven't blogged in ONE WHOLE WEEK.) Crikey.

Let's see...last week...went to Bingo with Kelly again on Friday. Boohoo. We didn't win. Mom had another specialist appointment on Thursday/Friday and was scheduled for a bronchoscopy on Monday. I arranged with my office to be able to take her on the trip this time. Cindy had made the 400+ mile trip three times in one week for our Mom and her own mother-in-law so she let me go this time.

Cooper had a rough week of nights last week. His molars are on the move and he wakes up in the middle of the night (typically around three-thirty) completely inconsolable until the Tylenol kicks in and he sometimes settles with some warm milk. Carter was going through one of his non-pooping phases. He went almost an entire week without a poop then on the weekend he pooped FOUR times in three days. If he were a camel he could have made it across the desert without pooping!

On Saturday my parents' neighbours were holding their second annual fish derby and fish fry. We were invited so I took the boys to Mom and Dad's in the afternoon. Chris went four-wheeling with one of his buddies and met up with us later for supper. In the afternoon I played a bit with my Dad's brand new IMac. I've never even touched a Mac computer before. I must say I'm smitten and although I'd have to teach myself all over again it would be worth it. It's an amazing machine.

We headed over for the fish fry and Chris showed up shortly after. The kids had a blast all day playing in the lake and running around with the other kids at the fish fry. Carter hadn't napped and since Mom wasn't feeling 100% after supper she took Carter home (where he went in the lake again fully clothed this time)...Mom took him in the house to dry him off and he fell asleep wrapped in towels in the couch almost immediately.

Cooper was still going strong and after awhile I took him over and got him to sleep eventually. By then it was dark and getting later so I went over to collect Chris and my Dad to come home to watch a movie. We watched "The Last Mimzy"...we had already seen it but Ma & Pa hadn't. We ended up staying over since the boys were sound asleep. Mom had invited us to stay so that we could leave the kids with her and stay at the party next door but we made it an early evening.

On Sunday, Vicky (my Amazing Digiscrapping Race partner) and I collaborated on our Challenge #2 layout. We had to use certain criteria and work together on a page. We had to use flowers, a doodle, two pictures, and the colour red. Here's what we came up with...

On Monday Dad and I took Mom to her specialist appointment. By the way, ever since we finished our vacation time the weather has been absolutely fabulous. Summer is HERE. It was a gorgeous blazing hot sunny day for traveling. We took Mom to the hospital for her appointment. We were quite early, but it was okay since she had a terrible migraine and hadn't taken anything for it for fear of interfering with the procedure she was having done. They took her in and hooked her up to an IV and gave her a bed. We waited a few hours until they took her into surgery.

Surprisingly we only waited an hour for her to come out and she was telling me all about it right away. She had what is called a bronchoscopy. They froze her throat/esophagus and put a camera down her throat way down into her lung. At the end of the camera is a knife thingy that cuts a piece of the lung for biopsy. It sounded very interesting and I was so relieved that she breezed through it so well. That was, UNTIL the freezing wore off. Then she was in terrible discomfort, not to mention the still-present migraine and her voice was gone. Back in the hospital room she was allowed to take her migraine medication, which helped a little, but at the same time the freezing was wearing off and she was spitting up some blood from the irritation of the procedure. Needless to say, it was a very uncomfortable ride home for her.

We stopped at Prawda for a bite to eat; Mom hadn't eaten or drank ANYTHING since supper the day before. We tried to go to Mom and Dad's usual stop, but they were closed so we went to the other gas station/restaurant. We ordered our food from a nice young girl at the counter, while there was another very young girl doing all the cooking. It was a very busy place. While we waited for our number to be called, the staff seemed to change over and we ended up dealing with an even younger girl, who was VERY rude. Our food was finally ready, and I took the wraps that Dad and I ordered back to the table. We had to ask for the other items we ordered (all Mom wanted was some soup and it was the last thing we received)...the young girl went to get the soup but slopped some along the side of the bowl. My Dad went to reach to move the bowl and it slipped and tipped over. The girl got very very pissy with him. We had to ask for the water we ordered (we ordered tap water since we already had bottled stuff in the car). She reached in the cooler and grabbed two bottles of water and SLAMMED them down on the counter. She took the same soup bowl away from Dad (still slopped with soup) and took it over to the tureen to refill it. It came back even more messy. By then I had gone back to the table, and when Dad arrived with the soup, he reported to us that little miss nasty thrust him a rag and made him clean up the soup on the counter!!! There were other customers who had received similar treatment that were commiserating with us. It was the kind of thing that made me want to speak up or tell them that because of this girl's treatment we wouldn't ever be back. But we didn't bother. It's a busy place and they probably wouldn't give a crap if they ever saw us again anyway! Being a busy travel stop means they don't need repeat customers because of all the travelers passing through I guess.

I drove a bit from there so Dad could rest his eyeballs. The rest of the trip was uneventful aside from Mom's not feeling well. I was pretty tired and went to bed without even checking my email. Yes, it's true.

Last night it was super duper hot. We went over to Kelly's house. I went in and checked in on the cat again, and we took a little dip in her pool. When Chris and I took the cover off it, it was seriously as hot as a bath. Once we got in, it was refreshing since the water was cooler under the surface. Carter and Cooper had a blast. It was the first time Carter tried floating in his life jacket. He is getting braver all the time. Cooper hated his life jacket just like Carter used to, and preferred to be without it. Here are a couple pictures of the fun:

Both yesterday and today I took the boys out to Mom and Dad's after work to see how Mom is doing. I have phoned her a couple times and just said to her "Don't talk...I just want to check in on you..." So it's easier to see her in person. She is still feeling rough but is looking forward to feeling better and getting some good results from the doctor. Today she wanted to actually have a meal so I left Carter with her and took Cooper with me to go to town for some Chinese food. Dad was going golfing. Chris was just getting home from work. I picked up the food and Chris and we went out to have supper with Mom. Chris took Carter for a boat ride (silly Mommy didn't take any pictures) and Cooper stayed behind with Mom and me while we watched the movie "Because I Said So". Pretty good chick-flick. We headed home and on the way met Dad on the road.

Cooper fell asleep on the way home and Carter shortly after we got home. I actually got to chat with Angie for awhile; it's always great to catch up! And now I'm finally caught up on my blog.

I've worked on a couple more scrapbook pages; some for the race and some for my guest creative team position at NDISB. By the way, I'm so delighted that I have a feature in the NDISB newsletter this month for my guest CT gig...HERE is the link to the newsletter. To see the pages larger and see the designer credits, you can click my NDISB gallery. Now, I'm outta here. It's goooooooooood to be back in the blogosphere!


Blogger Angie said...

Well. . .it was worth the wait, but let's not go a whole week again, okay???

Thursday, July 26, 2007 12:09:00 p.m.  
Blogger Helen Hancock said...

Hello...allow me to introduce myself....oh sorry .. we have already met??? Too long Melly....lots of news...hope all is well with your the fridge one...too funny!

Friday, July 27, 2007 3:21:00 a.m.  

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