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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Seriously Blogworthy Food

It was hard to get up and out of bed this morning after the long weekend. But I managed to get two kids dressed and fed and ready and to the sitter...and myself to work.

It was a CRAZY busy day. Mondays are usually my busiest day at the office, but the Tuesdays after a long weekend? Nutty. I managed to dart in to the coffee room to grab a yummy piece of chocolate pudding (birthday) cake for a coworker's birthday and ate it at my desk. YUM.

Next thing I knew it was lunchtime. Kelly was working at the office across the way from mine and we got together with her friend Shawna for Chinese buffet for lunch. That was good stuff too. I had two plates, since they were out of fried rice and mixed vegetables on my first trip.

I took Carter to school and ran a couple quick work errands before I went back to work. Busy-ness ensued once again and it made for a lightning-fast afternoon. I picked up the boys and came home. Cindy had dropped off some leftovers from her supper yesterday for us to have for supper.

When Chris got home I took Carter to the grocery store so I could pick up salad stuff and garlic bread to go with the Linguine Pescatore. Eighty bucks later I also had stuff to make quesadillas tomorrow and some healthy school snacks for Carter and some pull-ups and other foody things.

I came home and reheated the pasta and baked the garlic bread. OMGTHISSTUFFWASSOFREAKINGGOOD! We ate every little noodle and shrimp and drop of sauce that was in the (large) ziploc container. The boys ate mostly bread but I managed to get them to eat a couple noodles and shrimp. Carter was transfixed with buying a pineapple at the grocery store so I sliced it up and we all ate the whole thing for dessert. It was sweet and delicious (I'd never bought a whole pineapple before; I picked a real gooder!) My tongue was killing me. The acidity gave me instant little bumps on my tongue but I still kept eating. The sting subsided quickly; any discomfort from it was very worthwhile. It was delicious!

After supper we all played a hilarious game of hide and seek. I always try to contort myself (I am NOT very flexible but I do try my best to compact my body into a small, unusual space so the kids (and Chris) have a hard time finding me.) One was my closet, which has a dresser IN it; I squeezed in beside the dresser and crouched down as far as I could, covering myself with a pillow. My next spot was under the kids' little picnic table in the dining room. (The table they were sitting at in the Knock-Knock video I posted the other day). I was a bit wedged in and stuck but again, it was worth it for the entertainment value and chuckle I got from the kids and Chris. Carter's reaction was to climb ON the table, causing me a little extra discomfort, and I had to enlist Chris's help to get out. Fun stuff. Plenty of laughs.

The boys started to wind down and we were watching TV. I put Shark Tale on in their room and Carter is still up but Cooper surprisingly went to sleep just before nine. I watched the last few minutes of American Idol. I have hardly watched ANYTHING on TV lately. Just movies or kids' shows or kids' movies. We're starting to rethink our cable subscription and might decrease our channel packages. We basically just need the basic networks, along with TLC and Treehouse. That would pretty much cover our TV-watching needs.

Well, I'm off to watch a bit of TV since everyone else is asleep and I have the remote!


Blogger Helen Hancock said...

A Melly Kat blog would be nothin without some reference to food! LMAO!!! And what I would give to see you contort yourself into a confined space! Getting in is alright - its the getting out that is the hard part! LOL! See ya Melly!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008 8:44:00 p.m.  

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