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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Remote Keyless Entry

I need that. For the house.

Yesterday morning I was up early and decided to make my hair last one more day. I had a quick shower with a shower cap on and was ready and out the door, with both kids fed, bathed and dressed. I buckled them in the Jeep, got in and reached over to my purse. No keys. I dug deeper in my purse. I looked under my purse and laptop bag, and even in the laptop bag even though I never keep the keys in there.

I couldn't go back in the house because I had locked it. ::sigh:: So much for having a bunch of extra time. Luckily I had the cell phone so I called Chris at work to come and bail me again. Within a few minutes he was home to let me in the house to look for my keys. They were not in any of the usual places I would have left them. By this time I was very frustrated. Chris lent me his Jeep keys and I ventured off to take the kids to the sitter and then to work. Tina was an angel and had brought me a coffee. I pulled into Tim Horton's and there she was in the drive-thru waving me away because she had already ordered for me.

I went to work. Later in the morning I needed to come home and print something. I had made some thank you cards for our office to send to our honchos for last week's conference. Unfortunately there was a typo on one of them. And unfortunately I had forgotten I had no house keys. I ran to Chris's work to get the rest of his keys and came home. This time I took a quick peek in the kids' room and sure enough there were my keys. The boys had sort of alluded to the fact that they (well, Cooper anyway) had my keys. They were right beside the bunk bed on the floor. So I quickly did my print job and bolted out, with two fistfuls of keys. I did my bank deposit for work and headed back to the office.

At lunchtime I took Carter to school. I've really been enjoying reading with him lately, but it's hard to keep Cooper from getting his nose in there and having a fight ensue. It's really cool to see how much he can already read though. We read Rumpelstiltskin the other night and I remember that one from waaaaaaayyyyy back.

Chris stayed late after work and I brought the boys home. We had hotdogs for supper. I didn't even touch the computer; not even to check email and I fell asleep quite early with the boys watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

This morning I got up and did shower and wash my gross hair. I wasn't ahead of schedule by any means, but we did make it to the sitter with time enough for me to do a Timmy's run. Then I realized I forgot to leave the kids' breakfast at the sitter's house, so I did one more pitstop there to bring them their peanut butter sandwich.

Work has been busy this week, particularly with catching up on things with being closed for three days last week and missing all my month-end duties. Tonight Mom and I went to Bingo. I was hoping for the big jackpot, which is very near twenty-nine thousand dollars, since Chris has his heart set on a truck that he is currently test driving much to my chagrin. No such luck.

On the way home I stopped at Tim Horton's and picked up my morning coffee. I'll nuke it just before I leave in the morning and save myself a trip.


Blogger Helen said...

great to catch up on your news....LOVE the new header!

Thursday, October 09, 2008 10:04:00 p.m.  

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