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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Plug it In, Unplug it Out

Wow it's me again. Just wow!

Here is a picture of Carter in his 100th day shirt. Surprisingly when I retrieved it from his backpack after dinner to grab this photo opportunity, all 100 robots were still stuck on it!

This morning started out a little rocky for me. I managed to get the boys up and out on time, but when I went to back out of the garage I THEN realized Chris had plugged in the Jeep. Luckily I stopped before the cord reached the breaking point. ::sigh:: I took the boys to school and brought Carter's shirt to his classroom and got Cooper settled in. I would have loooooooved a coffee this morning but I had just enough time to make it to work on time. I had a busy morning but things were going well until I got a call from Cooper's day care teacher to advise me he didn't have any ski pants to go play outside. Crap. Here's where the beauty of a small town comes in handy. I quickly drove home and picked up the ski pants. Judging from where they were near the kitchen doorway, I quite likely had to step OVER them when we originally left. ::sigh:: I dropped off the ski pants and had some quick hugs from Cooper and headed back to work. The rest of the morning went okay.

Kelly and I went for some soup at Tim Horton's and I had my dose of coffee too. The afternoon at work was busy too. I asked Chris to pick up the kids so I could go for a walk again after work. It's nice to do the indoor walking since the sidewalks are so uneven, snowy and slippery. I managed to do ten laps which equals about five kilometres. (That's about three miles for my south of the border friends... :)

I walked home then left right away to pick up Chris's Dad for supper. As I was backing out of the driveway, I heard Chris whistle so I stopped. Unbeknownst to me he had plugged in the Jeep when he got home and here I was driving away with the cord again, lucky to not have reached the cord's breaking point once again. Usually he plugs it in in the morning and lets me know so this wasn't such a good surprise. ::sigh::

I picked up Chris's Dad and he brought some ground beef he had thawing and we stopped to pick up some salad and veggies. After all that I managed to get supper on the table just before seven o'clock. I made a meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy, kernel corn and salad. The boys liked the meal and ate enough that they didn't ask for a peanut butter sandwich this evening. :)

I printed Valentine cards for the boys tonight and I'm hoping to get the names of their classmates so I can do envelopes tomorrow. The kids fell asleep just after eight so I was able to get much more accomplished! Usually when I stay up working on projects I just leave the TV on whatever channel Chris was watching before he fell asleep on the couch and end up being tortured by some news program or infomercial. The past couple nights though, I've retrieved the remote from his sleepiness and tuned in to Craig Ferguson. I've always liked that guy and with that accent I could listen to him all day. Plus he's hilarious. So now I want to tune in again but after my long day I'm not sure if I'm going to make it...



Blogger 20Birds said...

you better be careful or will get used to you bloggin again. I really wanted to see you on our last trip, going to Wpg i felt great but like i said felt funny interrupting work, or rather Tony did, i was quite up for slowing the canadian govt down.... and on the way back i was a mess. i dont thank you enough for the background encouragement you do for me, and so THANK YOU! and yes angies blog is lovely.... with all the morphine it is a been while since i ran off with the side of the house attached to the car

Wednesday, February 10, 2010 9:51:00 a.m.  

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