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Sunday, November 08, 2009

It's a Different Flu Season

Last week was another NUTTY one at the office. Nuts as in soooooo busy. In all my eleven years I have never been this busy and on the phone so non-stop. With the beginning of the H1N1 immunization clinics, the phones have been wild. I actually have a headset now and I truly believe it has saved my neck! Don't get me wrong; I LOVE being this busy but my regular work gets left in the dust. I even got to make a couple trips to a couple of our other offices to deliver vaccines these past couple weeks. Those were much-loved trips away from the madness! I just tune into the iPod and drive. :)

The weather went for a crap again and it snowed like crazy last week; of course that was on one of my travel days. Have I mentioned lately how much I love my Jeep? I guess I haven't mentioned ANYTHING lately. I'll still try to work on that. It's been a beautiful weekend and all our snow melted again.

All three of my boys had their immunizations on Wednesday. Earlier in the day Mom and Dad had called to see if I could meet them for lunch. I managed to get there and order with plenty of time to have an enjoyable lunch with them. Chris picked the boys up from school and brought them in for their shots. After work I did a quick run to McDonald's for supper. By the time I got home Cooper was already asleep. I ate quickly and took Carter with me to the blood donor clinic. When the nurse was poking my finger to check my hemoglobin, Carter told me he wasn't feeling well. The nurses assumed he was squeamish from seeing my finger getting poked. They grabbed a stretcher and he lied down. They put a cold cloth on his head and he told them he was fine. I assured them he isn't squeamish; he has no problem seeing blood. I advised he had his shot just a couple hours before. We carried on through the procession and he felt a little icky again. One of the nurses put a garbage can in front of him just in case. He was fine.

After I was done we hung out at the refreshment area for a bit. Carter had a donut while I sipped a sweet drink. We came home and I suddenly felt nauseous. I held back the urge to vomit. Carter fell asleep after we did some homework, but woke up feeling sick again. This time he needed to throw up. We made it to the bathroom but he reeeeeeeeally didn't want to throw up. Finally he relaxed and let it out. I gave him some gripe water afterward hoping to settle his stomach. Poor guy. Oh poor me took every ounce of strength for me to not throw up right along with him. Whew!

I camped out with the boys to keep an eye on them and I felt horrible the rest of the evening. I slept for short periods of time feeling waves of nausea, but trying to avoid an emesis emission. By three in the morning I couldn't hold it back. I thought I was never going to stop. Lunch included. Ew. But I did feel much better and went back to bed.

Thursday I managed to get up and ready and to work. I had an okay morning though I did feel a little tired. I had a lunch date that I kept though I didn't eat much, which is highly unlike me, especially when we go for the Indian buffet. After lunch my fatigue caught up with me. I went back to work for a bit then decided to pull the pin and go home. I headed straight for bed and fell asleep. Unfortunately I didn't realize how many times the phone rings when I'm not at home. I had two telemarketers and two other people who called me to find out why I was at home. I did however enjoy the rest I had. Chris picked up the boys after work.

Friday was a much better day. I ran errands at lunch and picked up the boys after work. Saturday Carter had a birthday party to go to. I dropped Cooper off at Mom and Dad's and took Carter to the party. After work Chris picked up Cooper, who just slept the whole time he was there. After the party I picked up my friend Leeanne who was in town to have work done on her car. We dropped Carter off at home and discovered Cooper was a little warm. Chris gave him some medicine while Leeanne and I went for lunch. We had lunch at the Indian restaurant. This time my appetite had improved a bit. After lunch we did a Wal-Mart run. We saw Dominic and Noah and from a distance my sister Cindy. Then we saw Dad, who invited us over for supper.

I dropped off Leeanne and came home for awhile before we went to Mom and Dad's house. Cooper was still not himself and has been feverish since. Chris and I were goofing around with our new cell phones since we found a great site to download ringtones. We came home and I camped out with Cooper to keep an eye on him. Usually we go to Mom and Dad's on Sundays, so it was nice to be reminded that we had one more day of weekend left.

Today was a reeeeally lazy day. Chris and I did some housework (admittedly he did more than I did). He went out to get us coffee too. In the afternoon Chris took Carter for a ride to his friend's place to help him with some errands. Cooper and I played for awhile and started watching a movie but ended up sleeping most of the afternoon.

Chris and Carter came home and I started getting supper ready. Carter has been taking an interest in helping out with supper lately so I let him don some gloves and do the shaking and baking of the pork chops while I got the rice ready. As we were sitting down to eat Carter exclaimed that he wanted stuffing. Thanks to good ol' Stove Top, his wish was my command within just a couple minutes.

Cooper ate half a pork chop and a little rice. Carter ate a mound of stuffing and was being a real rebel against the very pork chops he helped to prepare. It feels like we're living with a teenager with him already! After supper Carter and I sat down to start some homework and he passed out. Cooper fell asleep shortly after. I managed to watch Desperate Housewives without any interruptions. I actually started this post over four hours ago so I'm off to bed now too. I'm hoping to post more pictures so I hope I can get to doing this again real soon!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe it was good old Raunchy Ronnie's that made you guys sick??

Monday, November 09, 2009 5:56:00 p.m.  
Blogger Angie said...

I have sooooooo much reading to catch up on. But, do me a favour (see that?) for me, please? Keep me posted on your sweet dad, okay??

Saturday, November 21, 2009 7:19:00 p.m.  

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