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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Day One of All Future Awesomeness

Yesterday my friend Diane and I went to Winnipeg to visit a friend in the hospital. The weather has been beautiful so far this week (gee...nice that summer is just starting in time for FALL. < /sarcasm>) and we had a great drive there. We visited at the hospital for about three hours and had a great visit. After our visit we left to go get manicures and pedicures then did a Costco run. We left the city by about seven-thirty and arrived home before eleven. Everyone was asleep. I didn't stay up much later, though I should have to prepare a little better for today.

This morning I got up after seven and started getting ready. I packed Carter's lunch and laid out the boys' new clothes. Cooper thought they were going to the sitter, but I reminded him about his new day care and of school starting soon. Today was the first day of full-time school for Carter, and Cooper's first day at his new day care. First we dropped off Cooper in his day care room and then I took Carter to his classroom. The teacher greeted Carter, knowing his name and introducing herself. He said, ''I knew that. My mom telled me.'' Then she told him that she went to school with me. Then I got a little misty. Wow. A whole generation later and a classmate of mine is teaching my son.

The morning absolutely FLEW by since it was insanely busy at work. Partly because I had a little catching up to do from yesterday, but it was still a bit crazy anyway. I did a bit of a drive-by at lunch to check in on the boys and all was well. The transition has been far easier than I anticipated. The conveniences of this arrangement keep unfolding. Today when I went to pick up the kids, I learned that because of the time I get off work, both boys will be in the same place when I arrive. Bonus!

We came home and Cooper wanted to play outside. When Chris got home I went to do a quick run to Wal-Mart to pick up more shoes for the kids. I didn't really have any decent, easy shoes for Carter for his indoor shoes at school, so I picked up a pair for him, along with a decent supply of juice boxes and a few other supplies. I went to the grocery store after, and found a bunch of marked down clothing. I picked up a few more shirts and a pair of jeans for Cooper, along with some more shoes for him. He needs a pair of indoor shoes for school and a pair for the day care. We're all hooked up in the shoe department now. I also found a new backpack for Carter and a food thermos in case I send him with soup or something.

I stopped at one more grocery store for a couple more things including a roasted chicken. After all that shopping there was no way I'd have time to pull off cooking supper before bedtime! After supper Chris and I treated the kids to some furniture relocation in their room. We moved the bottom bunk back under the top bunk and set up one of our camping tents in the other part of the room. I hatched an evil plot to tire out the kids...I ''let'' them pump up the air mattress themselves. They inflated a whole queen-size air mattress. I gave them both a bath and read a story with Carter. We took turns reading lines in the story. Cooper was semi-interested and darted in and out. After the story I told the boys it was bedtime. Carter zipped out to the living room a couple times but ended up falling asleep on the couch. Cooper fell asleep in the tent. I was thrilled they were both sleeping before nine. It can only get earlier, and I look forward to it!

Well, that's about it for this glorious day...what's that you say? Did I take a picture of the boys on their first day? Well, of course I did!


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