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Friday, July 31, 2009

It WAS a Spa...AND a Massage!

On Saturday Marsha treated me to a beautiful, amazing spa. First we had a steam then we dried off and each went to our respective massage tables. We were first treated to a foot massage. Our feet were filed and lotioned and pampered for some time before they were brushed with wax or something and wrapped in plastic. Onto the full body massage. OMGCANYOUSAYAWESOME? By the time she went back to unwrap my feet I couldn't help myself from saying out loud that I had completely forgotten I had feet! I didn't have the presence of mind to take pictures of the place until we were leaving but even the entrance was beautiful! :) Thanks Marshy!

Saturday was our last night in Kamloops and Sunday morning we left Kamloops. The drive through mountains was gorgeous. Stopped a few times for the kids to stretch. Still had some meltdowns. Stopped at Takakkaw falls. Very cool experience driving around and UP the mountain. Switchback was amazing. Falls even more amazing. Cooper started melting down after falls visit. Canmore tantrum was still going on. We were going to stop for the night but Roberta talked us into driving the last hour to Calgary to stay over again (Thank God). I had to sit in the back to keep the boys down to a dull roar. Arrived in Calgary and wanted to flop and drop.

Monday - Graeme's 5th birthday. Went to IKEA. Bought some kitcheny gadgets but was not impressed with the kids' impatience. Did the whole store in under an hour which SUCKED. Ran to Future Shop to get Graeme a bday present. In there for only a minute or two, which was awesome. While I was inside Chris was scoping out a little tent area out in the parking lot where a (cute) girl was doing windshield stone chip repairs. We grabbed a bite to eat and headed back over to see her. She fixed our stone chip. Freaked me out when she started drilling the windshield. I'd hoped it would make the stone chip disappear but it's still there. At least it's repaired and isn't supposed to spread now.

Headed back to Roberta's to hang out for the afternoon and for Graeme's birthday supper. Got some adorable pictures and video of his opening presents. Had an awesome supper of homemade grilled chicken burgers with avocados, tomatoes and chipotle pepper mayo (yum) and piles of beautiful fresh fruits and vegetables. Hey Mom...I actually put avocado on mine and loved it! Hey Auntie Lurdes...Roberta gets me to eat new stuff just like when I was little at your house! I found a thin slice of tomato and even put that on it too. Delish. Kevin was there and Derek's sister and brother-in-law were there for a visit too.

Tuesday morning we headed out after a visit to the gas station/Tim Horton's. Made it to Regina but I had to sit in the back to keep us all sane again. Stayed at the Travelodge there. Nice enough place and could even see the Jeep (still full of all our crap) from the hotel room. Ordered pizza and a movie. Twelve bucks for that sucker and it cut off about halfway through. ''The Wrestler'' came on instead. Weird. I called the front desk to ensure we wouldn't be charged for either one. Apparently there was a glitch at the movie company the hotel deals with. So we started watching the Wrestler for free but we fell asleep.

Left Regina and headed home. Rough ride with the boys. They'd really had enough of the car ride. Very few stops. Brandon for gas and snacks and Portage La Prairie for a stretch break at the park near the spillway. Headed home and straight to Wal-Mart for milk and food. Came home and unloaded the Jeep. Boys are still on BC time and stayed up really late.

Today we hung out and I'm slowly unpacking. Went to get Chris a new GSM ''smart phone'' today. He officially has texting and everything. Too bad the phone is so damn fancy it's not very user-friendly and is a little frustrating. Though Chris can get email on it which is cool and use Facebook but I really need to find out if these features are an additional cost. I'm holding off ont he upgrade until the phone company has all the glitches worked out.

Totally synched the iPod and am loving it. Went to Mom and Dad's for supper. Yum. Hung out and visited then came home. Boys fell asleep on the way home which rocked. Stopped at the video store to rent Coraline. Carter woke up to watch it. It did get kind of freaky once we caught up to the point where it was cut off at the hotel. I missed much of it since I was computing and iPodding at the same time. (Yeah, I'm a dork.) Cooper surprisingly stayed down for the count. I'm enjoying listening to the iPod since I finally have all my music on it and am having fun playing with all the free apps I downloaded.


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