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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lovin' Summer!

...or Summer Lovin' as the song goes. Either way, it's been a fantastic weather week! And now that it's summer we had an overcast day yesterday and a thunderstorm today. However, it was still seasonably wonderfully hot and this evening the kids got to play outside.

I know I've got some more serious catching up to do. Good news is I'm over my addiction to playing Pathwords on Facebook. Bad news is I started playing Farkle. I started racking my brain last night to come up with a synopsis of the past week. This goes back to a week ago Sunday...we went to Mom and Dad's house for supper with a bunch of relatives. My cousin Kevin was in town and Mom and Dad had a fish fry. Yum. Chris was away for his fishing weekend with the coworkers still, and returned home while we were eating supper. He didn't come out and join us so I brought a plate home to him.

Monday is a bit of a mystery to me and Tuesday isn't much clearer except I recall going for an eyebrow wax over the lunch hour. I took the kids to the park quite a bit and have been enjoying myself making some grown-up acquaintances.

On Wednesday Tracy and I got together for lunch at the East Indian restaurant. I loooooove their buffet and am always thrilled to find someone else who enjoys it so I have the chance to have it.

On Thursday evening I talked Kelly into staying up past her bedtime to go see a movie with me. We went to see Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. Matthew McConaughey was in it, along with Jennifer Garner, two usually good selling points for me in the movies. The movie was cute, though predictable, and Kelly and I ''wrote'' large portions of it. It was enjoyable. It was also enjoyable that after the movie it was still light out for our walk home. I loooooooooooove that summer is here!

On Friday I had the day off. I took the kids to the sitter and just for fun went and took a test drive of a Ford Flex. There's no way at this point that we're buying a new vehicle but I've always wanted to go for a test drive and I'd been checking out this vehicle at the vehicle show awhile back. The features are fantastic, but more than a handful of people envision it as a hearse. Here is a picture of me while I had it, and another picture of the deer I saw on the way home from visiting Mom and Dad with it. I think the deer was pretending to be invisible since it just stood there the whole time.

After I returned the Flex, I had some serious guilt issues about abandoning my Jeep at the dealership. I really didn't want her to think I was going to ditch her. I went home and handwashed the Jeep and cleaned all the windows inside and out. By the time I took Carter to school, it had started to pour rain. Majorly. I took him to school and came back home. I hung out at home for a couple hours and decided to go out and touch up the Jeep. I ended up re-washing the whole thing. I used my new Sham-Wow that Mom gave me :) and dried it. I also used Armor-All and shined up the dash and inside of the doors and the rest of the interior.

The weather cooperated until yesterday and it stayed fairly clean. Friday evening Chris wanted to take the boys fishing. We all drove to the rocks but Carter wasn't interested in fishing. Cooper was though and he had a great time. Carter and I took a walk down the beach and through the nature trail to the park. The heat and the walk tired him out and we both got a couple nasty bug bites. This however didn't dampen the fun of going to the park. He was a little tired for the walk back so I gave him a piggy back ride for part of the way, until Carter said, Mommy, why are you making that sound? (The wheezing sound...)We ventured back to Chris and Cooper and they were done fishing by then.

On Saturday Chris took the day off and it was a BEAUTIFUL one! We took the boys to a nearby provincial park and had a picnic. We sat at a picnic table on the lakeshore and had an early lunch. I had picked up one of those frisbee thingies that turns into a ball when you throw it, so the kids had some fun playing with it and we took a little hike through the nature trails. Our kids love going on adventures!

Mom and Dad phoned while we were on our adventure, and they drove out to visit us. They snacked with us and the boys had fun running around some more, especially at the playground with Grandma!

We got home early in the afternoon and Chris started to cut the grass. Cooper napped and I went outside to get some sun. I didn't last long and came inside. Chris got a call from his friend to go out sea-dooing. He had a blast!

While I was at home with the boys my friend Diane stopped by. Cooper was still napping and I was outside with Carter while he played in the sprinkler. She had her granddaughter with her, who needed to use the bathroom! I told her we'd be going to the park once Cooper woke up from his nap. I was thrilled to see them arrive not long after we got to the park. Cooper and Chloe hit it off adorably. Carter was the life of the party and again enjoyed the company of one of his classmates.

On Sunday (Happy Father's Day) I did a Wal-Mart run early in the day and picked up a new pool. I have NO idea what happened to last year's inflatable whale pool. Carter came along and he opted for the inflatable zebra pool. Cute. The boys were just shivering from the cold water so I hauled probably forty gallons of hot water to take the edge off it. It worked, since the two of them lounged in the water after that, instead of zipping in and out of the pool. I also made about a hundred water balloons that afternoon and there are still a few coloured latex remnants on the back yard. I picked up steaks and Chris barbecued them. We also had baked potatoes and corn and fried mushrooms. Yum!

This workweek is already FLYING by. It's been very busy and therefore very quick. Dad took Carter to school today, which afforded me a whole hour for lunch. How convenient, since I was invited to lunch by a couple girls from work. I had the special, which was a FANTASTIC Greek chicken sandwich on pita bread, with Greek mayo, feta cheese, red pappers and red onions. Deeeeeeelish! Oh, with fries and gravy AND a Caesar salad, since I couldn't decide on salad or fries!

The rest of the workday flew too and before I knew it I was already picking up the boys. It was a little soggy out still from the thunderstorm earlier, so we skipped going to the park today. Carter wanted to have Toonie Tuesdays for supper. Either he's gotten a full grasp of all the days of the week or it was a good coincidence. Either way, we talked Chris into picking up the food on his way home from work.

After supper Chris played outside with the boys for awhile. They decided to go for a walk to the nearest park and asked me to join them. But I was already in pajamas since it's FREEZING in here with the air conditioner going non-stop. Eventually I re-dressed so I could go join them but they were already back. The boys wanted to ride their bikes so we walked along with them down the street and around the block. Carter still gets discouraged with the one remaining training wheel. I figured he was getting a little tired anyway. Chris was ready to come inside so I brought Carter in too. Cooper wasn't done riding his bike so we took off down the street, aiming for Kelly's place. Once we arrived he didn't want to go in the driveway and kept on riding. I shouted out a hello to Kelly in case she could hear me. Cooper and I headed home and came in the house. He was very pleased with his bike ride. Both boys went to sleep without incident. I played umpteen rounds of Farkle and decided it was time to hit the blog. Mission accomplished!


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