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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Sleepy Sleeperson

I've had a hard time staying up lately. I have projects I want to be working on and I actually start dozing off with the laptop on my lap. Here are the pictures from Family Safety Night the other night. We had a lot of fun and the boys are still talking about it.

Thursday evening Chris barbecued hamburgers. Again I put all the toppings on a plate. Both boys build themselves a burger akin to the size of a Big Mac. I had to get the camera. They then both proceeded to complain that their burgers were falling apart. I guess so, with all those toppings!!!

We barbecued again yesterday. After work we stopped by Chris's work and Carter went home with him. Cooper and I went to fill up the Jeep. We got home and the boys wanted to ride their bikes. The other day I took off one of Carter's training wheels. He was really ticked off but he just needs a little practice to balance. Both boys just expect to stay balanced on the bike when they stop because of the training wheels. Chris had put the training wheel back on but I asked him to take it off again. It's a good way to learn and it worked for me when I was learning!

Carter was mad so I consoled him by taking him to the grocery store with me. I picked up some cheesy sausages and buns for supper. Chris loves to barbecue so far be it from me to keep him from it! (Read: Of course this means I don't have to cook!) I just do the preparation and the side dishes while he cooks the main course. :)

I'm not sure what our plans are for the weekend yet; it does look like the sun is shining but that doesn't always mean it's warm out there!


Blogger Helen said...

great slide show Melly...gosh Carter is starting to look more like you and how tall is Cooper getting! out when they are teenagers girl!

Sunday, June 07, 2009 7:06:00 p.m.  

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