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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Anniversary Savages!

Well well well...lookie me. I've found my way to the blog two days in a row. Really, these days all the days seem so similar. We're still waiting for spring/summer, which sucks.

Today was another timewarp day at work. I took Carter to school and picked him up today since his walker wasn't available. I had an eye appointment late this afternoon. Looks like my distance vision is still perfect but I'm needing to adjust my reading distance... (READ: I could use some reading glasses any time now). She suggested that if it starts to bug me if I start straining too much that I can just go get the glasses. I'll think about it. I'll stop by her office again and look at frames. I'm curious to know if it would make enough difference to provide relief. We'll see.

We went to Mom and Dad's for supper and had a delicious stew. (Thanks again!) After supper we visited for a bit then came back to town to go pick up a lottery ticket. Some lucky son of a gun won forty-nine million dollars tonight. Apparently the winner bought the ticket in Edmonton, which means we didn't win it!

Both boys went to sleep without any hassle tonight. We watched the Idol finale and once again the second place winner is a far more talented singer as far as I'm concerned. I seriously think the votes mean nothing and the producers just handpick their winner at will. I brought up a few baskets of laundry from the basement and started folding. There were about a dozen towels, a pile of clothes for each kid, a pile each for Chris and me, plus blankets and cloths etc. I made it through the towels and kids' clothes and took a break. Yeah right. I haven't gone back to it. Now I'm off to bed so I'm sure it will still be waiting for me tomorrow!


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