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Monday, May 04, 2009

April, the Timewarp

Wow. That was a fast month. On the weekend I rented the movie Bride Wars. It was okay. Average chick flick. On Saturday I took Carter to a birthday party. Mom and Dad came over to hang with Cooper until Chris came home from work. The bowling party was fun. Carter had a good time.

After the party we came home. For supper I grabbed McDonald's for the boys before I went out with Cindy, Kelly and Mom. We went to another quarter auction and met up with a few more girls there. We had fun, and all won prizes, even Mom won a special door prize. (chuckle chuckle)

On Sunday Chris had planned to go out four-wheeling. I opted not to attempt taking two kids to church so the boys and I hung out at home for most of the day. I needed to go to the grocery store to pick up stuff to make an oriental salad to take to Cindy's house for supper. After the grocery store we did a Tim Horton's run and drove down to the lake to check out the ice. Or lack thereof.

On the way home the boys commented on the park and I pulled over so they could play for awhile. They had a blast. Yes, I have pictures but haven't uploaded them to the computer yet. I will. We came home and I got the stuff ready for the salad. Carter crashed on the couch until we left. Chris got home and didn't have much time to nap.

We went to Cindy and Bob's for supper and Zack's and Bob's Mom's birthdays. We had a veritable FEAST as usual. Massive amounts of ham were consumed and much remained. There were salads and homemade baked beans. But the desserts were the kicker. Homemade fudge with Skor bits, at least four sugar pies (becoming my favourite) and carrot cakes. There was a 'spare' cake that I brought home to take to the office today.

We came home absolutely stuffed, and just in time to watch Desperate Housewives. The boys took turns zonking out; they had played pretty hard with all the kids at Cindy's house both inside the house and outside.

Today the morning FLEW by at work. At lunch Kelly and I walked downtown for chips then walked to pick up Carter and walk him to school and back to work. It was a beautiful day today. After work I picked up the boys. Carter's hair has been turning into quite the little mop so I took him downtown for a haircut. I just wanted it trimmed a bit so it wasn't so shaggy. I'll be sure to take a picture of him tomorrow since I spazzed and didn't grab the camera when I was thinking of it today.

When we got home the boys played outside and I took a walk to the grocery store for hamburger buns. I stopped at the video store to pick up the movie Hotel for Dogs for the kids to watch. I came home and we rounded up the kids. Chris barbecued the hamburgers and I made coleslaw, which the kids had quite a bit of. I was both pleased and amazed! Little did they know it's all-vegetable!

The boys showed little interest in the movie because they were preoccupied with wanting to play Guitar Hero with Chris. Chris played for awhile and even with the loud volume, Cooper fell asleep. Apparently he didn't nap today so that made for an early evening for him. Carter started fading too and crashed on the couch. Chris was left on tour all alone and shut it down in time to see the end of Dancing With the Stars and Castle. He fell asleep too and now I'm just left watching House by myself. I'm not even sure if I'll make it to the top of the hour.


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