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Sunday, April 19, 2009

I'm Walkin', Yes Indeed!

Yikes. The days are really getting away from me. Friday was a good day at work. One of those oddly quiet ones that are great for getting things done. Kelly and I took a walk at lunch. We grabbed a bite to eat and dropped off lunch for her hubby. We walked as we ate our lunch and picked up Carter. We walked him to school and went back to work. A few minutes late, but not bad considering all the walking!

Saturday I went to a baby shower for a coworker. She is due in June but her last day of work is coming up soon and since she doesn't live here we needed to find a time to get together. Carter had a birthday glow bowling birthday party to go to. So far I've been the parent that takes the kid to the birthday parties. I asked Chris to go this time. While the two of them were out, I promised Cooper I'd take him for a walk in the stroller. We took a walk and stopped in at McDonald's. Cooper had a happy meal and I tried a chicken snack wrap. Too much mayo for me and just an itty bitty chunk of chicken. Kinda gross. I mostly just ate Cooper's fries. We continued on our way and as we were walking past Pizza Hut, I heard a knock on the window. I looked over to see my parents in there. Cooper and I popped in for a quick visit. After their supper they planned to bring over some Cinnaparts. I encouraged them to stick to that plan(!) and Cooper and I left. We stopped at the video store to grab a movie. I grabbed a kids' movie and Seven Pounds.

About a minute after Cooper and I got home, Mom and Dad arrived. I got the movie ready to go but we had some catching up to do. Then Chris and Carter arrived home from the birthday party. Apparently it went well, and Carter had fun bowling.

We watched the movie. It was a little long, and somewhat vague as the story went along. I'm not sure if it was just me since I had a few distractions from the kids. But what I didn't know about the movie is that it was a mystery. A good one. With a real impact at the end. I won't say anything else.

Today was cold and a little snowy. It's really cooled off again this weekend. Today I didn't accomplish much until later in the day. Chris barbecued some hamburgers. Our barbecue is actually dead, but I hadn't realized Chris had brought out our camping barbecue. He grilled up the burgers (yum). After we ate I decided to go for a walk again. Cooper was up for it and enjoyed the ride in the stroller. It was cold walking against the wind, but I had Cooper bundled up and the exercise kept me warm.

We got home just a little before the start of the new episode of Desperate Housewives. The kids went absolutely squirrelly. Like, cuckoo enough for me to think that there was an undertone playing that told them to be as insane as possible while Mommy watched her favourite show. I managed to get through it, though in parts I was actually standing directly in front of the TV so I wouldn't miss anything!

Cooper fell asleep on me a couple hours ago. I put him to sleep on my bed while I tidied up the boys' room. I hoisted Carter up on the top bunk where he so seldom sleeps. Usually the boys fall asleep on the floor in front of their TV, and usually I don't want to wake them so I leave them there. I much prefer when they're snug in their beds. I made Cooper's bed and got him settled in. Next was tackling the huge pile of clothing in their room. I folded and sorted everything into categories...Carter's, Cooper's, clothes each will grow into, clothes each has grown out of, pajamas, socks, undies, summer stuff, and stuff to bring to the sitter's house as spares. Now I'm still wide awake and watching a very hot episode of Brothers and Sisters, thanks to all the iced tea I drank earlier. Hopefully I'll be off to bed soon!


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