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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A Kick in the Teeth

Yesterday when I was out running work errands I received a call at work to remind me of my dentist appointment today. I knew it was coming up this month and I’ve been dreading it since it’s the first time I’ve had to have any dental work in probably at least ten years. Ugh.

They’ve been wanting to replace a filling that’s already been replaced once. I was apprehensive the past couple times they’ve mentioned it when I’d been in for cleanings and x-rays, but on the last visit they actually showed me the spot of concern on the x-ray and I was okay with letting them mess with it.

I went to work first thing, then left for the appointment. They took me in right away and started out with the two freezing needles. I was reminded there was also a little cavity on a bottom tooth and I opted to get both done today so I wouldn’t have to do this again!

The assistant then came after me with a ‘rubber dam’. I’ve never had one of these before so I didn’t know what the heck it was. She had one hell of a time trying to clamp the thing on my back tooth and she was squishing my gums into the clamp too, of course on a part that wasn’t included in the frozen area. That wasn’t nearly as bad as her trying to floss the rubber thingie in between my teeth to isolate the tooth he needed to work on. She seemed to be putting all her weight into it and the floss wouldn’t budge through. My teeth are very close together and I have a hard enough time getting the easy glide floss in between, letalone this rubber thingie.

She finally got it in place just in time for him to come back and start drilling. He worked on the replacement filling first, and I was fine since the freezing took well. He seemed to drill forever and there were many interruptions that called him out of the room. Once that filling was done the two of them started trying to get the rubber dam on my bottom tooth. Nope. That back tooth on the bottom is even lower than the top one so they just couldn’t do it. Somewhere around this time they discovered I lost a filling between my last appointment in January and today. Right beside the one they needed to fix the cavity in. So it turned out I got a ‘’bonus’’ filling. Yay me! Turns out he’s really good at doing fillings so aside from the pain and discomfort, my teeth seem to fit together perfectly.

My gums have been sensitive all the rest of the day and the inside of my mouth was a bit scratched up. My jaw was aching from being jacked open for so long. By the time I got out of there it was nearly lunchtime, so I went to treat myself to ice cream. I stopped in to see Chris then at DQ to grab a hot fudge sundae (complete with chunks of Reese peanut butter cups). I went home and had my ‘brunch’ then took Carter to school. When I got back to the office I made an amusing attempt to put on some lipstick. Because I couldn’t feel the whole left side of my face, I almost continued across it with the lipstick.

The afternoon went by okay. My face started to regain feeling awhile after I got back to the office. Talking on the phone was only awkward for about a half an hour. After work I picked up the kids and did the mail run. Cindy had gone home with all the kids except one; one of her girls hadn’t returned yet from an out-of-town basketball trip so I picked her up when the bus came in. Instead of having Cindy make a special trip in for her, I drove her home. Carter had a snooze during the trip but Cooper enjoyed the ride.

When we got home Chris and his Dad were already here with supper. They picked up KFC. Cooper did a great job devouring his chicken. Carter was still a bit snoozy and ate his later. After supper we watched Slumdog Millionaire so Chris and his Dad could both watch it. They liked it too and I picked up on a couple minor details I missed last night. Chris took his Dad home after the movie and the boys took turns playing on the computer for awhile before I sent them to bed. I’m pretty certain they’re not sleeping yet.

I think I’m off to bed early tonight. Perhaps a few sudoku puzzles before I crash. I’m looking forward to Easter for a few reasons, but partly because of two short workweeks in a row, separated by a four-day weekend. :)


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