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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Unheard of Behaviour

I can't believe I did that. I left the house at eight-thirty this evening. Y'know, smack dab in the MIDDLE of my one and only must-see TV show? And to do a good deed, of all things? On a night where one of the principal characters gets killed off!!!

Okay, rant NOT over, but I really have to recap things since Wednesday night. Thursday was my ''Friday'' at work. It was the last day for our babysitting 'temp'. Things seemed to have gone well, though I got very little information from her or the kids. Everyone seemed happy and well and fed, and the house was still standing, so that sure was good enough for me! The doctor was in that day, and she gave me a prescription for my sinus infection. I left work a few minutes early to go pick up my prescription and money to pay the sitter.

Friday I stayed home with the boys. Neither sitter was available so I took the day off. I put on my running shoes and started cleaning and moving furniture. I moved the computer cabinet, a couch, the dining set, a two-drawer filing cabinet, all while feeding and entertaining two very active boys! I did plenty of vacuuming and washing, and hand-washed the dining room floor. I also moved ALL of the toys out of the living room. Now there's an empty corner in here, and it looks good. I vacuumed and the boys quickly 'unvacuumed' for me. They didn't make a mess, but they ran all over those nice triangular vacuum lines that I in my obsessive nature like to make and take pride in that I actually vacuumed! So I 'revacuumed' and tried to keep the boys out so things would still look nice when Chris got home. He ended up staying late anyway, to change the oil in his truck.

Saturday Chris took Carter out fishing. I had a shower and did the requisite drying and ironing of my hair. I took Cooper to Wal-Mart for a marathon shopping spree, including plenty of non-list items such as a book for Cooper and a Bakugan case for Carter. Both boys were thrilled with their 'happy Saturday' presents. Nearly three hundred bucks later, we were off. Just as I put Cooper back in the Jeep he told me he really had to pee. I asked if he could wait 'til we got home but I was worried he might not. I drove over to Tim Horton's and as I was taking him out of the Jeep, I went to hike him up in my arms and whacked his head on the top corner of the door. Poor kid. He had a little scrapey dent above his forehead. I cuddled him close and took him in the store to pee. He barely cried but it definitely hurt him. He must be a tough kid because he never complained a bit. His pain warranted a donut of course, and I ordered a bunch of Timbits.

We drove out to Mom and Dad's house where Chris had taken Carter fishing. I went in and phoned Chris, since he and Carter had gone out on the snowmobile. Since they weren't nearby, I left Chris's coffee for him and Cooper and I came home after one more stop at the video store. I rented seven older kids' movies (rent four, get three free for the whole week) and I rented Twilight and Open Season 2. I put away our Wal-Mart haul. Once Chris and Carter got back we had snacks for supper and started watching movies. The kids have been itching to watch Monster House again. I'm not sure why but this really is one of their favourites. Oddly they aren't scared of the creepy, angry house that eats people. (Yeah, it's a kids' animated movie.)

Today Chris was supposed to go fishing but his plans fell through. I did a bit more tinkering around, moving things around a little more. Cindy stopped by and showed us all her beautiful pictures from their wedding trip. They had a beautiful and fantastic week in Mexico.

After Cindy left I got ready and went shopping AGAIN. This time it was for food; even with the expensive trip to Wal-Mart yesterday, much of it was items such as paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies etc. that eat up the total. The food items were things such as butter and side dish items. Today I picked up meats and meal items, enough for at least a week of meals. It's nice to plan ahead. So just one more hundred (yikes) bucks later, we actually had some more food in the house. On the way home I picked up Chris's Dad to join us for supper. I made chicken drumsticks (shaken and baked), long grain and wild rice, and broccoli and cheese sauce. I made a coleslaw too, which I devoured plenty of.

The kids were hilarious during supper. Cooper held up a chicken leg and said, ''Is this chicken?'' We replied yes, and he proceeded, ''It's Chicken Little.'' The banter between Carter and Cooper was so funny as they described that they were eating Chicken Little and his feet. I was amuse and oddly pleased that it didn't freak them out with the association of an adorable little cartoon character and eating it.

After supper we visited and watched America's Funniest Home Videos and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. I liked Extreme Makeover tonight, though I normally have a slight loathing for the program since I totally want them to come HERE and bulldoze our house and build us a new one. But tonight the family was of course as usual deserving but I liked how they really campaigned for blood donations. Makes me want to challenge everyone in town the next time there's a blood donor clinic here.

Next was Desperate Housewives. I got through exactly half of it before I needed to go out. I drove Chris's Dad home but on the way I needed to stop at a coworker's house to pick up her laptop bag she forgot to take on a business trip. I'm going to try to get all the information to her first thing in the morning. Since I knew I was already missing some crucial storyline material, I stayed away from home until the show was over. I went to get Chris a chocolate bar and went for coffee at Tim Horton's. I rolled in the driveway and peeked in the living room window to see a glimpse of the fateful scene I was anticipating. I came in the house and stayed out of the living room until the show was completely over. I'll need to start over at eleven. I forbade Chris to tell me any details of what happened. I'll find out in an hour.

I've barely taken any pictures lately, and also haven't done any scrapping in awhile. I plan to change that soon. Stay tuned!


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