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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oops I Did It Again

Occasionally at work it's noticeable that more than just a few people seem to have a similar clothing colour scheme on. It's always a coincidence. Until yesterday. I remarked that it seemed a bunch of our ladies were wearing green. This is where I was reminded it was St. Patrick's Day. Duh. I wore grey and blue. In order to avoid being pinched, I hastily printed a green clover and pinned it on my shirt. Obviously I had forgotten about all those cookies I had made for Carter last week. Y'know, the clover-shaped ones with the green sugar decorations? Duh.

Yesterday Kelly and I had lunch at Subway. It was nice to sit and chat again without having to bolt off to go take Carter to school. I can't help but glance at the clock thinking I need to go. I've still been feeling wonky in the sinuses. I'm trying to keep my sinuses clear but I can still feel the pounding in my head with each step I take. This has got to go away. I'll be calling the clinic tomorrow to see if I can get myself in and hopefully Carter too for a better look at his ears. I hope they will flush his ears. This isn't just something simple we can pop in for; it requires a doctor's order, which is a real PITA.

Today at lunch I did some errands and ran home to grab a sandwich. All seemed well with the kids and the sitter. I went back to the office and ate my sandwich before it was time to get back to it. Chris's Dad phoned after we got home from work. Ooooooooops rewind just a little...when I got home there was government mail...our income tax assessments. And yay! We didn't have to pay this year! Woohoo! Once Chris showered I went out to run a couple errands and pick up Chris's Dad. I ran out to Mom and Dad's (the long way) but I had gone down to look at the ice road landing first. There was nobody in sight so I opted to go the long way. After I turned away from the ice road, I started meeting other people from their neighbourhood, presumably heading for the ice road. Upon my return I decided to head toward the ice road, at the same time calling a coworker who I figured had just crossed. She said it was pretty good; it was much colder today and much of the water from the other day froze, leaving big slushy/watery ruts to navigate through.

As I was talking to her I was beginning to cross the ice road. When it got to the dicey part, we had finished talking but she stuck with me on the phone. It was no biggie to get through but I would have been all queasy if there was no one around to talk me through it! Seriously, this never used to bother me before I had kids. We're talking about a fifteen minute shortcut here, and by this time I was tired and thankful for it.

I picked up Chris's Dad and came home. He wanted to have burgers for supper so he and Chris went to A&W. We had supper and watched a little TV. We watched Scrubs and there's a new show on called Better Off Ted. I liked it. I'll watch it again if I can remember to.

I fell asleep for about an hour at eight-thirty and was awakened for a phone call. I didn't even realize Cooper had fallen asleep on me. Carter was curled around my feet at the other end of the couch. Chris and I put the kids to bed and I stayed up to work on a project for work. One of our coworkers is retiring so I made some tickets for her retirement luncheon. Now I've gone and stayed up late again. Good thing I had that little nap!


Blogger Angie said...

Okay, loved your note. . .now it's YOUR turn to blog!

Sunday, March 22, 2009 9:47:00 p.m.  

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