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Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Little Burst

...of energy. Tonight is the best I've felt in ages. Chris and his Dad picked up Chinese food for supper. I could sorta taste it, but everything still didn't taste quite right. I've still been taking the Buckley's daytime meds and it helps, but a few times in the day I felt like my jaw was going to fall off, similar to the time I had the sinus infection. I did what I could to try clearing my sinuses to avoid it.

Just before supper I had a hot bath and shaved my legs, ridding them of their winter coat, since apparently it was a nice weekend out. I haven't left the house all weekend. I had a shower too and scrubbed my hair, which amazingly lasted ten days since my haircut! We had a visit with Chris's Dad after supper and all had a few laughs watching America's Funniest Home Videos. Then we watched Extreme Home Makeover. Then of course it was time for MY SHOW. Chris gave his Dad a ride home and I zoned in on the TV to watch Desperate Housewives. I made it through the hour with little interruption; just a few requests from Cooper, which I mostly delayed until commercial time without too much whining.

After the show, I got Chris to help me haul out all the laundry baskets (AGAIN). And FINALLY. I sorted about six baskets of clean laundry. One each for Cooper, Carter and me, and two for Chris. That dude has a lot of clothing. I did, however enjoy folding all his shirts like they could go on a store shelf. I hate going to get the clothes but I do love folding. Yeah, I'm a freak. That's how I roll.

Yesterday after work Chris took Cooper out fishing for the afternoon. Apparently the weather was amazing and Cooper amused himself playing with (and subsequently killing) minnows for at least an hour. Carter and I spent much of the time working on a sticker activity book. We finished the whole book. It's one of the ones I picked up at Chapter's when I went to Winnipeg. I saved a couple more books for the sitter this week.

Today Chris took Carter out for awhile this afternoon. Thankfully Cooper took a nap so I didn't have to worry about my current seemingly narcoleptic condition. Now I'm oddly wide awake and feeling pretty good. I hope I feel this good tomorrow!


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