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Monday, March 09, 2009

Hide and No Seek!

Last night we played an awesome round of hide and go seek. It started out with the kids and me, taking turns hiding. Cooper doesn't quite have a grasp on things...he still calls out to say ''here we are'' or he just incessantly giggles and gives away their location. Carter is getting pretty good at it, despite his brother's blowing his cover.

Next I started hiding Carter and having Chris and Cooper look for him. We got really creative with our hiding spots in our little house. Once I got Carter to stand on a low shelf in front of the coat rack facing the wall, and I hung his coat on his head. Chris and Cooper walked past him about five times before Chris noticed the little feet at the bottom. Cooper really delighted in spotting the feet once we helped point them out.

The best spot was on the shelf above the boys' closet. Of course I had to hoist him up there but he loved it and it took awhile for Chris to spot him this time. Later when we were finished playing I went to the basement to switch over some laundry and the boys, still in hiding mode, took turns hiding in the cupboards in the laundry area. I was pleased that they even wanted to close the doors, meaning they weren't afraid. They had a blast. If either boy ever disappears on me, I'll be sure to look there first.

I figured the kids would go to sleep really late because of the time change, but surprisingly they were asleep at a decent hour. This morning though, I had to wake up Cooper just moments before we left the house. The cinnamon toast breakfast was 'to go' and I was dressing Cooper in his sleep at first. I delivered the boys and went off to work.

The morning flew by, as most Monday mornings do. At lunchtime I came home and tried out the butternut squash soup I picked up the other day at the Safeway deli. It wasn't too great. Kind of sweet, with bits of red pepper in it, which didn't seem to jive with the flavour of the soup. I had about a cup or so of it and bolted off to pick up Carter for school. I delivered Carter to school and went to Tim Horton's to pick up a box of green tea bags since I had just run out this morning. I also picked up a coffee for about the third time this year that I've gone there to get one for myself.

After work I picked up the kids and went to do my housesitting job. I picked up Chris's Dad, since he had called earlier to see what we were up to for supper. I'd planned to make either meatloaf or spaghetti, and decided on spaghetti. We stopped at the grocery store and he picked up salad and some buns so I could make garlic toast. The boys ate all their spaghetti and sauce...largely due to the fact that Chris's Dad had also brought some big cookies with M&Ms in them. Regardless, I was thrilled they ate supper, a noticeable amount!

Cindy stopped by to visit while one of her girls went to volleyball. I haven't seen her in ages, and she and her family are going on their wedding vacation next week! I'm very excited, even though I'll be missing out on all the fun and festivities! Mom and Dad have been thinking about going along.

We watched the first episode of Dancing With the Stars. I've watched bits and pieces over the years but had no idea they were already on season eight! Now we're watching the premiere of Castle. I liked Nathan Fillion on Desperate Housewives, and the previews for this new show look good, so hopefully it will be a good one. I'm off to watch it now, hopefully to return later to post the scrapbook pages I completed last night.

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Blogger Angie said...

Such fun! You should take pictures the next time they're hiding. Talk about some FUN scrapbook pages.... :)

Monday, March 09, 2009 10:11:00 p.m.  

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