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Monday, February 16, 2009

Icky and the Sickersons

That's us. Carter's bout ended after four nights of clockwork vomiting, just in time for Cooper to commence his bout. Cooper threw up a few times over a couple days (almost entirely contained in the bathtub...yay!) then his turned into the runs. He is very well potty-trained, but I had to keep a pull-up on him for those little emergencies, AKA the sharts. Last night we couldn't believe the noises coming out of the bathroom from the poor little dude. We were all laughing, Cooper included, since it sounded just like the bathroom scene in Dumb and Dumber. Yep, seriously.

We stuck pretty close to home thankfully. Chris has had some GI distress too. I managed to avoid the tummy troubles, but my cold blossomed into a hacking cough with sinus congestion and headache. Hopefully tomorrow will be better so I don't have to stay home.

We had our free pizza on Friday with the credit we had from their last mistake. Cindy stopped by to visit since she was taxiing a few of the kids around. We watched her favourite show, Ghost Whisperer and visited until she needed to go round up the kids.

Saturday night Chris and I went with Cindy and Bob and his boys to see a high school production. It was called 'Back to the 80s' and was a fun trip down memory lane. Mom and Dad were coming over to sit with the kids while we went out, but Dad opted to come along to see if he could get a last minute ticket. Cindy even had a spare chair at the end of the row she was sitting in, not even knowing we'd need it. Synchronicity.

Just before we left for the concert I ran to the grocery store with Cooper to grab a couple snacks and drinks for the kids. I found some new winter boots for both boys for a whopping eight dollars for both pairs combined! I grabbed a new pair of mittens for Cooper too and bolted home after waiting in the ONE checkout lineup that was open.

Today was our new national holiday called Family Day. Unfortunately not all workplaces are mandated to consider it a statutory holiday yet, but Chris's workplace was closed so I took a floater so I could be off too. Chris took Carter fishing this morning with Bob and Josh. I felt horrible and stayed home with Cooper.

Chris's Dad called at suppertime to see what we were up to for supper. I was hoping Chris would go to the grocery store to pick up some ground beef so I could make spaghetti. He picked up his Dad and they discovered all the grocery stores were closed. I could have sworn Cindy mentioned they were open. Perhaps they were but already closed. They opted for McDonald's. I had a Junior Chicken and shared a few fries with the boys.

As far as my recent no-junk decision, I've been treating myself a bit lately but I'm not completely relapsed. I've had a couple occasional coffees from Tim Horton's but I've never gone there to get one for myself. I'm still mostly drinking green tea or water and at home I have iced tea. I have had one latté from Starbucks and then I made the horrible mistake of trying a caramel macchiatto on Friday. Lordy was that ever good! It was ten squillion times better than a French Vanilla Cappuccino from Tim Horton's (and it's been mentioned many a time here on the blog how much I used to love those!), and about 2.5 times the price. I will definitely have one again, but it's going to be a rare treat. That one sweet sweet treat probably annihilated all my decent behaviour for the whole year so far!

Well, I have done a little bit of scrapbooking lately and hope to get some more done, but I'll post the pages next time I blog, which I hope won't be four days again! Sorry to my three faithful readers! ;)


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