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Friday, February 06, 2009

Fantastic Friday - 100th Day of School 2009!!!

Yeah, looks like I missed a day. I couldn't think of an adjective for yesterday for how I was feeling. Very yucky. I've been sort of fighting a cold this week. A bit of a sore throat and some icky sinus activity. It was worse in the evenings but oddly I felt better each morning. By yesterday I was just beat when I got home. I just wanted to go to sleep. I had a headache that felt like someone was driving an ice pick down through the top of my head through my frontal lobe and my right eye. Chris sent me to my room and I rested for a bit while he made Kraft Dinner for himself and the kids. I got up and felt half human and stayed up for a little while until the kids were ready to go to sleep.

I went back to bed and stayed there. This morning my headache was luckily gone but I was still a bit achy. I managed to get us all fed and dressed and out of here. I brought Carter's 100th day of school t-shirt with me to the office as I planned to just have him put it on when we got to school. I set it on my desk and noticed one of the eyeballs had fallen off! A couple of the nursing students at our office grabbed a glue gun and re-stuck every one of those eyeballs. That was sweet.

I had a good and busy morning at work. I had arranged to take the afternoon off and have lunch with my friend Tracy. We haven't been in touch in AGES upon AGES. We bumped into each other on Facebook earlier this week and decided to meet up. I took Carter to school and he was pleased to put on his shirt. Here is a picture of him in his classroom...
Tracy and I opted for the East Indian buffet and had a great visit. I hope we do that again soon since we ran out of time so quickly. After lunch I came home to tidy up a little since we were having Deidre & Greg over for supper. We tried for Tuesday but her little guy was sick so today was the rescheduled date. I set the table and prepared a couple things for supper then it was already time to pick up Carter from school. I decided to pick Cooper up early and just bring the boys home. We came home and I relaxed for a bit before getting everything ready for supper.

We had the identical meal we would have had on Tuesday, the one we had with Mom and Dad. Nice and simple, and hopefully palatable to the four little boys. They came over by six and we ate shortly after. The boys played together nicely. I was impressed that my boys didn't cause any injuries to each other or our company!

We visited for awhile after supper and eventually managed to squeeze in some ice cream for dessert. After they went home Carter and Cooper played some long-awaited games on the computer before going to bed. They're seemingly starting to get the concept of bedtime, which is making life easier around here at nighttime. Speaking of bedtime, it's mine now.



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