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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Weary Wednesday

I had a hard time dragging my butt out of bed this morning, but I made it. I got us all ready with only a couple minutes to spare to make it to work. It was a busy day where I felt pulled in many directions. One of my coworkers brought me my first coffee in over a month. It was good but I don't feel like I'm readdicted. I went to Tim Horton's yesterday morning actually, but not to get anything for myself. We were out of bread so I made a pitstop there to get the boys a muffin as a treat.

Today at lunch I had an eyebrow wax appointment then I took Carter to school. I went to Wal-Mart to pick up supplies to do a 100th day of school project with Carter. We completed it this evening, but I won't 'unveil' it until Friday. The afternoon was much like the morning and was over before I knew it. Despite how quickly it went, it didn't feel like it went fast.

I picked up the boys and came home. Chris had a quiet day at the shop so he and a couple guys left early and went icefishing. I was please to have great leftovers for supper and put them in the oven to warm while Chris showered. We had the leftover chicken and twice-baked potatoes. Well, I guess this time they were thrice-baked! Regardless, it was leftovers I didn't mind eating.

I need to finish up my baby announcement project for Marsha. I just have a few more envelopes to print now that she sent me the rest of the addresses. Tomorrow is a coworker's birthday so I might just try to whip up a card before I crash too.

Oh...and here's a picture I took of the boys the other day...


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