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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This Is Gonna Be A Long One...

On Saturday, Chris worked until noon. In the afternoon, we all got ready and went shopping for a new TV stand (finally) for the TV we were given. I had cleaned out the old entertainment centre in the nick of time for Chris and his coworker that was buying it from us, to show up for it. We sold with it a TV we had in the basement and we never use anymore. It's way too cold down there to sit and watch any TV.

I had brought the TV up from the basement and moved the big entertainment stand away from the wall to uncover all the grody stuff behind it and undo all the kajillion wires back there. I took the TV out of the entertainment stand and moved it aside.

So after I showered and ironed my hair etc., we took off. Chris took off first with Carter and went to Home Hardware to buy us a new toilet. They didn't have the one we wanted in stock, so they'll call us when it comes in. I left shortly after with Cooper and we went to the furniture store to look at TV stands there. The least expensive one (I won't say cheapest because none of them was cheap) was about four hundred dollars.

Next stop was of course Wal-Mart. We arrived seconds after Chris and Carter did. We quickly found a TV stand that would serve our TV's needs, and for less than what we sold our stuff for. Sweet. We loaded up on some groceries while we were there. I ended up taking both kids with me after the Wal-Mart run. I had to stop off at Uncle Cliff and Auntie Lurdes' house to drop off some camera batteries I had for him. My cousin Kevin was in town on the weekend so we got to say a very quick hello and see his purty new truck. And now I'm thinkin' DUH, I should have taken pictures.

Chris showed up and we chatted with Kevin for a few seconds before he left to go visiting friends. I asked Chris if he wanted anything from McDonald's. The kids wanted happy meals and it was getting late in the afternoon. Kind of a quasi-lunchy-supper. I actually stopped at Subway first and picked myself up a sub before going to get McDonald's for the boys. That was a proud moment.

We met up at home and had lunch. I bumped into Cindy at Auntie and Uncle's place and she invited us out for a visit after supper, since she was having Auntie Lurdes, Uncle Cliff, and Kevin over for supper. We hung out with the boys until it was time to go visit. We had a great visit and this time I had the presence of mind to get the camera out. Here is a picture of Cindy and Kevin and me. The stairs at Cindy and Bob's house often serve as the posing area for pictures and it usually works out great.

During the vigorous play by all the kids, Cooper did a bit of a faceplant on the tile floor in the living room. I looked over and saw blood and went running. Cindy had scooped him up and I grabbed him and asked her for some ice. He had a bleeding lip. It wasn't until the next night when he was in the tub that I noticed something was up with his front tooth. It actually looked a bit off; I could see it when his head was tilted back when he was laughing. I took a closer look and his gums were quite bruised above one of his front teeth. I felt awful. He hadn't complained about it one bit so I hadn't realized it was more than just a fat lip.

I called the dentist office and left a message. They called me Monday morning to get him in for a look. He was very very very very apprehensive about going, which is kind of funny since he had never been to the dentist yet. He's just had the fluoride varnish done at my office. The dentist managed to have a peek in there and we just have to hope it doesn't get infected and that the tooth doesn't die from the impact. While we were there the lovely receptionist kindly reminded me that Chris and I were both well overdue for checkups and cleanings. They had openings due to cancellations this week. I got them to put Chris in that afternoon and I went today. Chris was all good, but I have this filling that they've been poking at for a few years that they want to dig out and replace because there might be something going on underneath it. Ugh.

On Sunday I bailed on church and had a supremely lazy day. I think we had soup and sandwiches for supper, I don't even remember. Monday it was back to the grind. The weather this week is absolutely atrocious. If the temperature hasn't been at least minus forty degrees on its own, then it has been at least minus forty with the wind chill factor factored in.

Actually I think we had spaghetti for supper on Sunday. Monday we had chili, which Chris prepared almost by himself. Yesterday we had an easy-peasy Kraft Dinner night. Chris had stayed late at work to wash his truck. He also washed my Jeep the other night so it's still nice and clean since the weather is so cold and dry.

Yesterday at lunchtime I had an appointment at my office for Cooper to get his 2nd flu shot. He was a real trooper. It was kind of funny, because when I had him at the dentist the other day and he vehemently stated that he didn't want to be. I asked if he would rather be at my office getting a needle. His answer? YES. I laughed and told him that was going to happen the next day. I had him on my lap for the needle and he wasn't having any of the distractions I was attempting; he just watched every move the nurse made and watched her give him the needle without making a peep. Yeah, I figure he's a little toughie.

Today at lunchtime I ran to the grocery store to grab a couple more items for supper tonight, since I was having Cindy and her whole family over for supper. We've actually never had them over for supper, likely due to the sheer volume of people!

This morning I was chatting with the dental hygienist about video games. She and her boyfriend and their friends play SingStar, which is what we played at Cindy's at Christmas. She said she has it for their PS2, so I declared right then and there I HAD to go buy it, since we have a PS2. I thought before that you needed a PS3. So at lunch while I was getting those groceries, I swung by the electronics department at Wal-Mart and bought the SingStar game, with two discs. One was a Pop selection and the other was the one Misty and I talked about this morning, the 80s.

I ran home to drop off the groceries and set the table. Of course I was so excited about my new toy that I did a quick installation and tried it out by myself before going back to work (Dorky Dorkerson!) Work just did not go quickly enough this afternoon, even though I was busy. I just wanted to hurry home and get supper cooking!

I picked up the boys and rushed home, giving them detailed instructions that they were to play nicely in the living room so I could get supper ready. I came home and got the kids settled in and started in on supper. I hammered fourteen chicken breasts and wrapped each one around four pieces of asparagus. I held the chicken breast together with a toothpick and rolled it in seasoned breadcrumbs. I took the keel off each breast and made some chicken fingers too. I made a bucket of hollandaise sauce, broccoli and cauliflower, cooked the remaining asparagus, and a pile of long grain and wild rice.

I ended up with time to spare. Once the whole gang arrived we had a great dinner. Only the adults sat at the table; my kids sat at their picnic table and Cindy's kids all found a spot in the living room. I was so worried about not having enough food but two of the kids didn't come and there was a ton of food, so there was plenty to spare.

After supper we were going to watch a movie, but Cindy and I got into the SingStar game. After they all got ready and left I managed somehow to talk Chris into playing it with me! And to make it even more hilarious, I discovered that you can playback the singing and I could hear just how crappy we were, even though we already knew that!

Cooper is still up and it's almost eleven. Carter fell asleep beside us on the living room floor when we had the singing game volume cranked very loud! Hopefully Cooper is getting settled in. I took away the toddler bed again, so his new home is the bottom bunk again. So far so good. Now I'm off to bed, pleased with the thought that I don't have to cook supper tomorrow because we'll have awesome leftovers!


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