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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I'm Squinting

...for a few reasons.

1. I'm really starting to think I need glasses. The optometrist keeps telling me I'll need reading glasses when I'm forty. Well for once I'm not a late bloomer. I have to check if I'm due for a check-up.

2. Snow blindness. It's freaking everywhere.

3. SUNSHINE! I actually had to wear my sunglasses and use my sun visor in the Jeep today. It was a beautiful day! It's great how ten or fifteen degrees can make such a difference. And it was still -20C!!! (-4F)

Things have really picked up at the office again. Everything is in full swing and I've been really busy. At lunchtime I ran to Safeway to pick up some ground beef and potatoes. I planned to make meatloaf for supper tonight. I also picked up a couple Cobb salads for Chris and me for lunch. I brought him the salad and he stopped working for a few minutes to eat lunch with me. He did however comment something like, ''Oh, so I'm on this health kick now too?'' My answer was of course yes.

I took Carter to school and had fifteen minutes to spare. I ran to the bulk food store to grab some snacks. I picked up soy nuts, dried green peas, shelled sunflower seeds, and corn nuts. When I got back to work I made somewhat of a trail mix of the four items and had a little snack. I'm really starting to freak out my coworkers. Yesterday afternoon when I was eating an apple, Dawn looked at me like I had three heads and said, ''I don't think I've ever seen you eat an apple.'' So far I'm enjoying the healthier choices, but drinking just green tea and water result in a few more trips to the bathroom!

After work I picked up the boys and went to Mom and Dad's house to pick up a movie they rented that doesn't have to be returned until tomorrow. They hadn't eaten supper yet so I invited them for an impromptu supper at our house. I rushed home and started cooking. Carter helped me make the meatloaf. I peeled the potatoes and put them on to boil so I could mash 'em. I cooked veggies and made gravy and at the last second when everything was ready I remembered to make the salad. I threw together a bag of coleslaw with some coleslaw dressing and dinner was served. Even the boys ate a little. After supper we visited for awhile.

After Mom and Dad left I went in the kids room and gathered their clothing for tomorrow. I packed my snack bag and got Carter's school snack ready, and a couple sippy cups of milk ready in the fridge. I even picked out something for myself to wear tomorrow. I then sorted through a mountain of clothes in the kids room and sorted every piece by size and by kid and by item (i.e. pants or shirts) and put it all away. I've been dying to do that for ages.

I just got Cooper settled in his room. He was still wide awake and I put that Backyardigans DVD on for him. I'm hoping that keeps him in his room because I'm about ready for bed. Tomorrow I have a fun little day planned for myself. I'm only working until 11:30 and taking the rest of the day in comp. time so I can go get my hair done. This time there will be pictures.

Oops. I'm back. I forgot I actually scrapped something the other day! :)


Blogger Angie said...

Well, if there is one -- I wanna go, too! :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009 9:49:00 p.m.  

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