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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Soop'n'Sammitches easy supper.

Work went well today. Things are really picking up again now that we're well into the new year. Something I forgot to mention last night was how I noticed at the grocery store last night that a large display of paring knives had ''Try Me'' imprinted right on the box. I wasn't sure if that was an invitation to violence, or if they wanted me to go cut up some fruits and vegetables. Either way, it kinda made me go hmmm.

Today at lunch I went with Donna to her friend's house to try to help her with her computer. She fed us lunch and I started working on the computer but there just wasn't enough time. I'll have to make another visit to get it all done.

I picked up the boys after work and learned that Cooper threw a toy at one of the other kids and made his nose bleed. Aaaack. Not sure what to do with that. I've still been using the 'gonna trade you in for another kid' trick but really it's not realistic. But it really does seem to make him think.

For supper we had tomato soup and grilled cheese and salmon salad sandwiches. Make that tomato soup, grilled cheese sandwiches, and salmon salad sandwiches. I had forgotten to take something out of the freezer so Chris suggested the quick and easy meal. After supper I worked on some birth announcement samples for my friend Marsha. That is one adorable baby!

Chris fell asleep first, then Carter. Cooper is still up and I'm fading fast so he's likely going to outlast me. He's watching a Backyardigans DVD in his room and once in awhile I hear him clapping his hands so he's definitely still wide awake. He just came out to the living room to try to get me to come and watch it with him. It's one of my least favourite kids' shows so I'm hoping he'll fall asleep before I have to go watch it with him.


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