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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Pink Christmas

I couldn't possibly say it was a blue Christmas. It's been a great day. From the morning where the boys didn't get up too impossibly early, to Santa's bringing exactly what both boys really wanted, to having family over for an awesome breakfast, to plenty of fun and wonderful gifts exchanged, to plenty of great food and games all day and evening. Yes, a very run-on sentence like I'm usually famous for, but it says much about the day. Even Mom liked her present and wore her new outfit today. :)

I'm going to try to recap all the cool gifts I received:
  • My favourite perfume
  • A down-filled winter jacket I've had my eye on
  • A yummy soft sweater (that replaces one that I've been missing SINCE MAY that was stolen in Kelly's vehicle! It's even softer inside than I remember!)
  • Books
  • Computer gadgets and games
  • Gift cards and gift certificates
  • Lotto tickets
  • Kitchen gadgets
  • Closet organizer
  • Pretty-smelling bath stuff and room spray
  • Yummy-smelling candles and candle holder
  • Chocolate
  • Bluetooth headset for the cell phone (new law coming into effect in the new year banning talking on cell phones while driving)
  • Christmas socks and ornaments
  • More chocolate :)
  • Escape hammer (this is among the nifty gadgets from Kelly. She HATES the ice road with much hatingness and wants me to be able to escape in the event that I sink.)
I'm pretty darned sure there's plenty more but I had to rack my brain to remember all the things I was spoiled with. :)

The kids received numerous (many many many) toys and games, clothing, and books. Because of all the activity all day, there may still be some things that our family received that I haven't even seen yet. I took a time-lapse video of our gift opening first thing this morning (which will be posted below), but I only set the camera for about a half an hour and it was just not quite long enough to capture all the gift opening and new coat tryouts.

Chris received a nice snowmobile suit, an iPod Nano (which I plan on borrowing :), gift cards, a haircutting kit (he needs me to cut his hair!) clothing, money, and assorted other games and gadgets.

We were really really spoiled. We had Chris's Dad and Laurette, my parents, and Chris's brother Jason over for breakfast this morning. I cooked a mountain of bacon and pancakes (the multitudinous quantities warranted some help from my Mom - thanks Mom!) I also had picked up a fruit tray complete with sweet yogurt dip to serve with breakfast. Something I neglected (because I forgot) to serve was the orange juice and eggnog. After my shopping spree yesterday, there were FIFTEEN two-litre (half-gallon)drink cartons in the fridge:

Three Tropicana Pure Premium orange juice (two with no pulp and one with)
Two cartons of eggnog
One carton of half and half coffee cream
One carton of chocolate soy milk
Five cartons of vanilla soy milk
Two cartons of whole milk
and one carton of 2% milk.

There were cartons every which way in that fridge. The drink population in the fridge has thankfully decreased a little since yesterday's shopping trip.

Jason stayed to visit us until late afternoon when we all needed to get ready for Christmas dinner. We and the kids had a great fun day with him. It's been a year since his last visit home. We've seen him only one other time in this past year when we went to Thunder Bay for my cousin's wedding at the end of June.

I toasted the noodles and almonds and mixed the dressing for the oriental salad I was bringing. I attempted a brief nap whilst Cooper slept, but that was short-lived. I got up and got dressed and ready and before I knew it we were headed out again to Cindy's for Christmas dinner. Bob's parents and brother and family were there along with us and our parents. We had an awesome dinner despite the fact that it was OMGTURKEYLESS! There were plenty of turkey substitutes that sufficed wonderfully, including a huge ham, meatballs with delectible gravy, and a Portuguese meat dish that Mom brought.

After supper there was a plethora of entertainment options. On the main floor the movie Mamma Mia was playing, while the kids downstairs were playing the new Sing Star game we brought them. Cindy bought some additional game discs with more song varieties. Cindy and I joined in on the singing fun and had a great time, tying score most of the time with our amazing song stylings (hahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa). Our kids were sick of the grown-ups having more fun than they were and they wanted to come home.

We finally gave in and brought them home. They did a re-inventory of their new stuff, pausing briefly to argue over possession and use of Carter's skateboard. I put on the movie Horton Hears a Who. Cooper bailed shortly after and went to his room to watch The Lion King for the sixty-two-millionth time. I just now noticed that Carter has passed out in front of the TV. Chris has become an iPod junkie and synchs his iPod to the computer every time he downloads a new song. He also received an FM transmitter so he can play his iPod in his truck. Cool.

It's been an awesome day, full of blessings. I hope all my family and friends were equally or even more blessed. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!!


Blogger Angie said...

It sounds like you guys had a totally awesome Christmas.

I'm waiting for you to post video of you singing with your sister! :)

Friday, December 26, 2008 12:17:00 p.m.  

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