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Saturday, November 22, 2008


Friday started out great. Kelly delivered a venti vanilla latté at the office. I'm running out of computers to work on, since the staff I still need to work on have laptops and are out of town or are seeing clients. I should be able to wrap up a few more on Monday before I start traveling to other offices.

At lunch I had my eyebrow wax appointment, took Carter to school, grabbed a bite to eat, stopped to drop off some paperwork to Chris at work, ran to Timmy's for a coffee and went back to work. I always pack as much as I can into that lunch hour. That is one small reason I look forward to both kids being full-time in school so I can have one hour of the day to myself. Aside from that I'm in no hurry for them to grow up.

Mom called during the day to invite us for supper. By the end of the workday I had forgotten. Even when a coworker asked me what we were planning to have for supper. After I picked up the kids from the sitter I was driving toward Chris's work. At that moment I remembered, and was re-delighted! I dropped off Carter with Chris and went to the video store with Cooper. Wall-E came out on DVD this week so I rented it.

We came home and after Chris showered and got ready, we drove to Mom and Dad's house for a wonderful supper. Mom has her beautifully-decorated Christmas tree up already! I like to wait until after Cooper's birthday to put ours up. It keeps his birthday separate from Christmas since it's fairly close.

After supper we watched the movie. Both kids were still going strong by the time we left at ten o'clock, but promptly zonked out on the way home. I didn't last much longer than they did; I went to sleep shortly after eleven.

This morning all is well so far. Right now the boys are driving trucks in the kitchen and we haven't had too many kerfuffles yet. I'm tossing around the idea of packing them in the Jeep so I can go get a coffee. I actually cleaned out two kitchen cupboards and unearthed our coffee maker. If I can find a few grounds of coffee somewhere I'll attempt to make some. I doubt it.

I have a couple projects to work on this weekend that I'm looking forward to, and I'm always hoping to get some scrapbooking done.


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