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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The 'No Tim Project' - Day Two

Well, I did unearth the coffee maker the other day, and succeeded in making some lousy coffee. I'm not sure what was in that canister, but it didn't turn out well. Closer to the time Chris was coming home, I hopped in the tub for a nice bubble bath while the kids were playing reasonably well in the living room. I asked Carter to bring me a phone. He set it on the edge of the tub and I reached for a towel to dry my hands to use it.

Just then the phone rang. It was Chris, calling to ask if I wanted him to bring me a coffee on his way home, which was EXACTLY what I was about to phone him to request. Suh-weet. I lazed around for much of the afternoon until I needed to get ready to go to Sandi's 15th(? I'm not sure how many) annual Christmas decorating party. Every year she invites her friends over to decorate her house for Christmas and then she rewards us with plenty of yummy snacks. There were many hands there this year to make the work light, and we had a great time. Chris thoroughly enjoyed the treats I brought home for him too.

Sunday morning I didn't really feel up to taking both kids to church. I contemplated going alone but the reaction from Chris was something like, ''WHAT!?!?'' My next impulse was to forego it completely. The rest of Sunday is a blur to me now.

Yesterday I did my maintenance project on a few more computers, and today I took a short trip to one of our local offices, about twenty-five miles away. Tomorrow morning I'll leave bright and early for another trip, this time about sixty miles, and Thursday about the same. I'm really enjoying working solely on computers as opposed to trying to do my regular job with the program support I do and trying to squeeze in as much IT support I can around the office. I'm having a great time spreading my little geeky wings. :p

I made two meatloaves yesterday; one for supper and the other for the freezer, perhaps for a day that I'm away so Chris can make supper for himself and the boys. I made mashed potatoes and peppercorn gravy, and nuked some kernel corn, which Cooper adores and ate plenty of.

Tonight we had a great night. After work Chris came home to shower and get ready for his flu shot appointment at six o'clock at my office, which he wasn't thrilled that I scheduled for him. :) I planned for us all to go with him, then go to McDonald's for supper. After McDonald's we went to Wal-Mart so I could buy some shoes. I seriously had no regular shoes to wear for work anymore, aside from an ugly old faded pair that had a big hole in the side of one of them. I got a cute pair of heels that oddly make my feet look tiny. I didn't do a lot of walking around in them so I hope they don't kill me tomorrow. Though I will be doing more driving than walking tomorrow!

After Wal-Mart we had a little time to kill before going to the theatre to watch Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa. Carter had fallen asleep in the Jeep since we cruised around for awhile before heading for the show. Cooper was wide awake as per usual the whole time and well after we got home. The movie was cute, and I carried Carter in asleep and only woke him just in time to start watching the movie. He found it kind of weird to wake up at the movie theatre, and was difficult to keep awake until I handed him a little grab bag of candy. He sat perfectly the whole time, enjoying the show. Cooper on the other hand was a little antsy. He had a few handfuls of (my) cotton candy and roamed around among our seats a bit. Then after awhile he said he had to pee. He took off on me in the dark theatre and I followed him. He is afraid of nothing. He actually went pee in the toilet and his pull-up from a couple hours before was still dry. We're really getting there in the potty department, even without really trying, which is a huge bonus.

We got back to our seats and only a moment later he said he had to go again. Not wanting to discourage him, I followed him to the washroom again, and he did actually have one more little squirt, but he just wanted to run around the whole place. We went back to our seats and he started asking for a drink of milk. Which was utterly impossible, so he expressed an interest in a drink of water. Up we went again to the concession stand and I purchased a bottle of water while he ran around the (thankfully empty) lobby. We managed to get through the rest of the movie without any further trips anywhere. We came home and after a couple drinks of milk, the boys were off to bed. It was a great evening. I love when we do stuff like that.

Oh, and as for the ''No Tim Project'', since I dug out the coffee maker the other day, purchased a big can of coffee and some coffee cream, Chris has been making coffee. Today is day two without either of us purchasing any commercially-brewed coffee. We take coffee to work in our travel mugs. I'm going to put three bucks in a jar for ever day we make coffee at home and see how soon we can buy a new house. hahaha. Or at least notice a difference in our coffee spending. So far I'm quite enthusiastic about it. Just as long as I don't have to make the coffee. It just never tastes the same when I make it...


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