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Friday, January 09, 2009

Toilet Puck Revisited

Somewhere between one and two months ago, I put one of those blue toilet puck thingies in the tank of our toilet. The water was a deep, rich blue for maybe up to a week or so then it faded down to only a slight hue in the water and remained so for a few weeks after. Then just the other day, it was like we put a brand new puck in there. I had to ask Chris if he put a new one in, but he was just about to ask me if I did. So now we have lovely dark blue water in the toilet again. Weird.

Yesterday and today were two good, busy days at work. I've been going to Donna's friend's house to try to help her with her computer. I did a lot of updates and a couple upgrades for her, but there is still something wrong. She might take it in to the computer store, or just get a new computer.

I only worked half a day yesterday. I had a hair appointment that I booked way before Christmas. I thought she had cancelled it since she fit me in on a cancellation just before Christmas, but she called to let me know she still had it in the book, so I kept it. I got my hair trimmed again, and she coloured my roots and redid my red streak. I got up to shower this morning thinking it wouldn't last to today but it was actually better than yesterday so I saved a whole bunch of time this morning.

Last night I made spaghetti and Caesar salad for supper. Since I've been cooking more regularly, the kids have been eating a bit more. I've eliminated any candy and junk from their diets as well as my own. I even gave all my Christmas chocolates to Chris. We're talking my favourite goodies here. Reese Peanut Butter Cups and a box of Hedgehog chocolates. I've gone MAD!

Tonight we went to Mom and Dad's for supper. Mom had picked Carter up from school today since Alana's son wasn't at school to walk him home today. (Thanks, Mom!) She invited us over for supper so after work I picked up Cooper from the sitter and met up with Chris at home. We went to Mom and Dad's and I made a meal out of her delicious turkey soup. The guys had turkey and mashed potatoes and veggies and a bunch of other stuff. I actually had a piece of angel food cake for dessert; the most sugary thing I've eaten all week, which is still surprising to me.

After supper, we watched the movie Ghost Town starring Ricky Gervais, Téa Leone, and Greg Kinnear. We all liked it, though Chris got a little snoozy toward the end and missed part of it. Carter cuddled up to me and fell asleep. After awhile I put him on the floor on all the cozy blankets Mom placed there in hopes the kids would lie down and go to sleep while we watched the movie. I tried the cuddle and sleep thing with Cooper but to no avail. He was still wide awake by the time we got home. He did, however stay in his room when we got home so Chris and I started watching Pineapple Express. It's a Seth Rogen movie, so it's his typical dope-smokin' goofy character. I've had a few laughs but I've only been half-watching it while reading on the computer. Chris didn't make it through this movie either. He's zonked out on the couch. I'll be off to bed soon to have a few rounds on my new electronic Sudoku puzzle that Kelly gave me for Christmas.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL ~ the same thing happened to me with the toilet puck. That's why I'm googling around right now, because I don't know if it has something to do with the wrapper. Sometimes they say on the packaging not to remove the wrapper, and sometimes they say to do so. This one is a generic brand, and it didn't say either way.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010 2:58:00 a.m.  

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