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Sunday, February 01, 2009


It's been a cold weekend and we got some more snow. Chris's birthday was excellent. He went to work the next morning and I got up to go pick up the kids just after eight. I got to Mom and Dad's house and they were all just finishing eating pancakes for breakfast. I wasn't ready for breakfast yet, but after visiting for awhile and collecting all the luggage and stuff to get the boys ready to go home, I warmed and syrupped up a plate to take to Chris.

The boys were apparently well-behaved for their grandparents (Mom is always entertaining them non-stop so they are having too much fun to be bad!) Dad took them out for a couple hours to his friend's house and I'm told they had a great time playing with the other kids and playing Wii.

We came home and I just wanted to completely vegitate. I was definitely not hungover, since I barely had any drinks Friday night, but I sure was tired! I put movies on for the kids and Carter, bless his soul, entertained himself on the computer. Chris came home from work and was going to take Carter fishing, with his nice new ice auger he got for his birthday. Carter weaseled out of going, so Cooper went instead. I dozed a little then when Carter took a nap I zonked out again. When Chris came home he made us all sandwiches for supper. We had a quiet evening watching movies and all four of us fell asleep in the living room.

Cooper woke me up crying because he had peed his pants. I totally thought he had a pull-up on but no. So I took his wet pants and my duvet he had been sleeping on, and put them in the wash. I could save myself heaps of laundry if I were a little more vigilant in the pull-up department. a friend of mine actually walks her little guy to the toilet even if he's already fallen asleep and she doesn't even need pull-ups for him. There's my next idea! Usually if the kids are asleep I just chuck them in bed and put a pull-up on. From now on I'll sleep-walk them to go for a pee before I get them all settled in!

This morning Chris was going to go fishing with his Dad and Carter. Carter was more eager to go today. I got ready and took Cooper to church with me. Mom and Dad weren't there and neither were any of my aunts and uncles. Cooper was very good today. So since there were no relatives to go out for breakfast with, I decided to go check in on Mom and Dad since I knew they both weren't feeling well. For the first time this year, I drove through the drive-thru at Tim Horton's. I brought Dad a coffee and Mom and ice-capp and didn't get anything for myself, since I didn't want to break my good streak! I've gone a whole month now without going there and I don't miss it one bit.

I knew Chris wasn't too far from Mom and Dad's place, so I asked Dad where to go to get to the other ice road to find him. Dad offered to come along, thank God, because the secondary ice road was all drifted in. We were still moving along okay even though there wasn't much of a track to follow. I had it in 4HI but we went down to a crawl. I decided to stop to put it in 4-Lo. I finally got it locked in and tried to go again but we were stuck in the deep snow. Yeah, without a shovel. And I was still dressed in my dress coat and high-heeled shoes from church. I could actually see Chris not too far away and luckily this time he answered his cell phone. He drove over to us and dug out around all the wheels. He and Dad gave the Jeep a push and I managed to go forward a little. Chris had to back up all the way to the main road so I waited for him to move so I could get going and stay going.

I backed up a little to get a run at it and once we got moving we got out just fine. Thanks to Chris and Dad! When Chris was shoveling I noticed his nose was running. I was about to comment that if he didn't wipe it it would freeze there, when Dad called it a nostricle and I had a good laugh. Once we got off the drifted road, we went on the next road over, where Chris was fishing and had a visit for a minute with Carter, Chris and Chris's Dad, like I'd originally intended to! We left and did NOT go back the same way we came. We took the road more-travelled and I dropped Dad off at home.

I came back to town and stopped to get gas and by the time I went in to pay, Cooper had fallen asleep. I did a loop around town and came home. I set him on the couch to sleep, changed over the laundry, and grabbed the laptop to do all this catching up.


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