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Thursday, February 12, 2009


What started on Sunday night has turned into a five-day pukefest. Carter spontaneously vomited four nights in a row. At one-thirty twice, then twelve-thirty then last night at eleven-thirty.

Chris took Carter to school today, and took the afternoon off to go fishing. He also picked the kids up from the sitter, which gave me the opportunity to run a couple errands after work. I went to the bank, the movie store and the grocery store. I rented ''Madagascar 2'' and ''The Rocker''. I put Madagascar on right away for the kids. Cooper wasn't quite himself. He got that all-too-familiar look and kind of gagged so I scooped him up and got him to the bathroom. After all the repeated failures of trying to get Carter to aim for the toilet during his episodes, I pointed Cooper toward the tub. Success! It's soooooooooo much easier to clean the tub than to clean in, around, on, and under the toilet and all its moving parts, not to mention the floor and any body parts or clothing wherever the backsplash lands. Yeah, I know that's gross. I lived it.

He seemed fine after, and Chris gave him a bath while I went to Wal-Mart to get some gripe water. I still give it to the kids when they have upset tummies, and we had run out long before this sick little week happened. I gave both kids a shot of gripe water when I got home. I made a soft taco bake for supper and Carter seemed to like it. Cooper apparently didn't nap today and fell asleep before supper. I tried to wake him but he was zombified so I let him sleep awhile longer.

I worked on printing Carter's Valentine cards. I put each one in an envelope marked Happy Valentine's Day with two foil-wrapped chocolate hearts stuck to each. Here is the Valentine I decided on using, out of the handful I attempted:

I missed much of the rocker movie so I put it on again once Chris and Carter zonked in the living room. Cooper wanted to watch a movie in his room and zonked out heavily as well. It's eleven now but still feels early. I'm hoping to tackle a couple more Valentine's Day projects while I'm still up without anyone to look after at the moment!


Blogger 20Birds said...

hey there Melany..i havent been by the blog in awhile, so busy with who knows what but it keeps my head spinning. I love the valentines card and i sure hope health hits your house ... i miss you...

Sunday, February 15, 2009 5:26:00 p.m.  

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