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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Yesterday and today have been filled with cancellations. It's been unseasonably mild, therefore melting. And raining. Therefore melting more, and turning everything into a skating rink with puddles of water and ice on top of the existing snow and ice. I find it funny (not as in funny haha, but as in funny odd) that they cancel all the school buses but kids who walk or get a ride to school still have to go. And walking right now on the sidewalks is just as hazardous as driving on the icy roads. I saw pictures today of kids actually playing hockey with ice skates on the local streets. Cr-zazy! I picked up a high school teacher who was walking and drove her the remaining block to the school for fear of her falling. She mused that it would have taken her another hour to shuffle the rest of the way.

Carter had a mini pukefest again last night. He still hasn't had any fever but wasn't quite himself at the sitter today. She called to let me know he was feeling punky so I called the school to say he wouldn't be going. I picked up the kids and drove Kelly home from work. She had a slip and fall on the way to work so I didn't want her to reinjure herself! I ran a couple errands with the boys then picked up Toonie Tuesdays at Kentucky Fried Chicken for Chris and the boys and headed home. I was still full from a big lunch so I didn't have any. I did however, munch on a leftover piece of chicken a little later.

I've still been monitoring the progress of one of the comforters I had to wash the other night. There was a pillow, a fitted sheet and the comforter in the washer that has made a few cycles. The pillow unfortunately self-destructed (I have no clue how many times Chris ran the washer to get the puke out of the said items.) and there were bits of foam every-freaking-where. I took the comforter out of the washer and put it aside. I scooped out all the foam that I could with my hands into a shopping bag. There was still plenty stuck to the damp items but I emptied the washer. I threw the sheet in the dryer and shook the hell out of the comforter, which appeared to be finally puke-free. I also put it in the dryer for a little while to get the fluff off it. Then I grabbed the vacuum to get the rest of the little foam pieces. And it wasn't working. Seems the hose was blocked. This just kept getting worse by the minute! I tried to push a broom through the hose to push out the blockage but it wasn't long enough. I also tried a curtain rod, which also failed. My last resort was to blow on one end of the hose to try to reverse the blockage. It took a couple tries but worked. Gross. After that the vacuum was back to full suction and I cleaned up the remaining mess, aside from the damn bits of foam that ended up sprinkled throughout the laundry piles that are still awaiting their turn in the washer. ::sigh::

I put the next comforter in and I need to go grab it and hang it up. Aside from a couple loads of blankets and towels, I only have two loads of laundry to do in total. If it weren't for the bedding these past couple days, I'd have it completely beat! It's almost ten o'clock and both kids are still going strong. Instead of going to school, Carter had a nap at some point today so he's still like his Energizer-bunny of a brother. I have a print project to finish cutting but I'm hoping to tackle it after the boys are down for the count.


Anonymous Kelly said...

You're Like my Melly in Shinning Armor !
Thank you for getting me home safe.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009 7:45:00 a.m.  

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