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Monday, March 16, 2009

Kelly, Don't Read This One...

Today was an okay day. I'm still congested in the deep recesses of my sinus cavities, with occasional tooth pain which waxes and wanes. I'm on the verge of going to the doctor, but first I'm trying to keep the sinuses clear to avoid the infection. I'm just hoping it's not already here.

We had a new babysitter today since ours wasn't available for the March Break. It was kinda nice having a whole lunch hour without having to take Carter to school, though I do still love taking him! I was treated to lunch by my friend Silvia. We opted for Pizza Hut; I've been dying to have the Greek pizza I had a sample of from Mom and Dad's leftovers one night.

After work when Chris got home I took a drive to Mom and Dad's house. I got to the ice road and looked at it with hesitation. There was a big truck ahead of me that went ahead and drove on it. I followed in its path, only because I watched him drive through that hyuuuge puddle and make it. I know there is still a ton of ice but I'd prefer if I could see it. That was my last trip on the lake for the winter. On the way home I drove the long way. Here's what I drove on...note that there were squillions of people out there in vehicles, still lodging out at their ice shacks, congregating in large groups everywhere.

I never used to be afraid of the puddles, but now that I have kids I'm scared of that stuff, even when I'm by myself. There's no way I would have driven with the kids across that. When I got back from Mom and Dad's I picked up Chris's Dad and we went to pick up pizza for supper. I enjoyed the pizza at lunch enough to have the same kind for supper. We also had a meat lover's and one with pepperoni and black olives for the kids. I did a quick Wal-Mart run for some more lunch and snack foods for the kids. I came home and we watched Dancing With The Stars (I missed much of it), Castle, and House. I worked on a print project and I'm still in love with my latest printer, a Kodak all-in-one. And that brings me to three minutes before midnight. I think I just might head for bed before this day ends!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're O.K. I didn't read it. I DID however look at the picture. JMOG (Jesus Mother of God) what where you thinking. Your Jeep IS fantastic but it is NOT a hovercraft.
Anytime you want to borrow my Kayak all you have to do is ask.


Friday, March 20, 2009 6:42:00 a.m.  

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