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Sunday, April 05, 2009

A Donkey Kick

Thank you Angie for the kick in the donkey to get me blogging again. It did cross my mind a few times this past week to get blogging again. The weather got even suckier last week than the week before.

I was hoping for some great spring weather to welcome Mom and Dad back from their warm sojourn in California, but to no avail. It was a cold windy day on Tuesday when Kelly and I took off to Winnipeg to pick them up at the airport. By the time we got there it was lunchtimeish. We took a peek in Future Shop then realized we were in the neighbourhood of a nail salon that my friend Diane always goes to. I made a call to confirm I had the right place, and we ventured across Regent to get to it.

The stars must have all been aligned that day, because the nail salon shared a parking lot with Burger King. We went for a Whopper then headed over to the nail salon. They had a super special on a manicure and pedicure, which was what I went for. Kelly opted for just the manicure, fearing that she might kick the girl in the head if she touched her feet. A small part of me wanted to see if that would have happened, and I'm guessing it really would have.

They have those fancy schmancy massage chairs for the pedicures and a very efficient team to get the job done. The lady even beautifully freehand-painted a pretty little flower with leaves on each of my big toenails, complete with a little rhinestone. I felt like I had new feet and didn't want to put my boots back on. Except by this time, the weather had started to take a turn for the worse and the snowfall in the snowfall warning was rearing its ugly head.

Oh by the way, we went up in the Jeep, and had borrowed a club from a coworker. It gave us a slight sense of security, though we were always cautiously optimistic that the vehicle would still be there when we got outside. We're pretty jaded, thinking that everyone we saw lingering in the parking lot for more than a second was a car thief.

We made a stop at Costco for a brief run-through and headed for the airport. I don't think I've ever driven in to the airport before, and there is plenty of construction currently happening. That, mixed with the crappy weather made us want to park in front of the terminal, which is a big no-no. I asked for directions to the nearest parking lot and followed the directions to a parking lot I couldn't get into. I was starting to panic about the time and made another loop around and took a different turn, parking on the upper level of the Sheraton parking lot, just a few short feet to the door and and indoor walkway to the terminal.

We checked the arrivals and everything was going to be late; Mom and Dad's flight? By a whole seven minutes. When we sat down, I asked Kelly what time it was and it was exactly 4:55; their original arrival time. We waited around for a bit, watching all the tanned tourists arriving in their straw hats and sandals, with forlorn looks on their faces until they were greeted by their people. Mom and Dad emerged and after a flurry of hugs and welcomes we headed out into the cold. I brought winter coats for them but drove the Jeep right to the door so they wouldn't be too shocked.

We gassed up and grabbed more Burger King food, (including a TRIPLE WHOPPER for Chris to enjoy later). We headed out in the light snow. The highway was decent while it was doubled, and got progressively worse as we headed back to our little neck of the woods. It had been snowing here most of the day, though we completely missed it on our drive up. So it got a little crappier as we went along. We made it back safe and sound and after stopping for a newspaper and to drop off Kelly we went to Mom and Dad's, where the driveway was nearly whited out completely compared to that morning.

I went to back in the driveway like I always do, and have done a squillion times, but with the drifted snow I couldn't see that I was going askew. Dad of course alerted me to my misalignment and when I went to try again I made it worse. Crap. Stuck. I've finally come to realize that part-time four-wheel drive kinda SUCKS. So in trying to ease Mom and Dad back into the cold again after their warm month away, I totally screwed it up. Dad of course did most of the digging as I helped with his cement shovel since it was about all the heavy iced snow I could dig and lift. Alas we were in the clear and I made my way home. The snow was so heavy by this time I already couldn't see my tracks from the way there.

The rest of the week was pretty much a blur; it's hard to believe the pajama party was only a week ago. Since I was away on the last day of the month, I did month-end on the two days following it, with all the other things I needed to work on and catch up on.

We had a pretty quiet weekend, but I actually planned ahead to take the boys to church today for Palm Sunday. Yeah, both of them. It's been (1) awhile since I went to church and (2) since I took a kid with me and (3) since I took both of them. They wore matching striped shirts and vests and looked adorable of course. I even put some gel in their hair. So handsome! We picked up Kelly and made it to the church on time for the blessing of the palms in the vestibule and procession into the church. The kids survived the slightly longer than usual mass (including the reading of the Passion) and I dropped Cooper off at home before we went for breakfast with the gang of Aunts and Uncles and Cindy's in-laws. Usually I give Carter some of my breakfast and Mom and Dad share their French toast with him. Today he opted for a cinnamon bun and when it arrived, he asked where his eggs were! So we all chipped in to round out his breakfast and he did a great job of eating it. The cinnamon bun was nearly untouched so we brought it home.

After breakfast Kelly and I dropped Carter off at home and went grocery shopping. First we did Wal-Mart where I filled a cart with groceries and a few items to help out the Easter Bunny next weekend. Hard to believe that the groceries and the Easter items were nearly equal. Yikes. Next we hit the grocery store for the fresh items that our Wal-Mart doesn't carry and then we headed home. I put all the groceries away and Chris started playing Guitar Hero for the first time. We were given Guitar Hero II for the PS2 and before I knew it Chris was out on tour. The kids of course wanted to try it but I don't think of it as a kids' game. That and I seriously lack the coordination, motor skills and rhythm required to play it so I steered clear of it.

I played games with the boys and before we knew it, it was suppertime. I browned some ground beef to start making spaghetti sauce. I put in the diced tomatoes and reached for the tomato sauce THAT WASN'T THERE. I remembered that when we were at Wal-Mart, the tomato sauce wasn't conveniently next to the diced tomatoes and never did find it, forgetting all about it. So, I literally put the sauce on the back burner and ran back to Wal-Mart. I scoured the aisles looking for the sauce and when I was about to give up, I found one can on a top shelf way above where they keep the pre-made spaghetti sauce. I stood on the bottom shelf and craned myself to reach the three remaining cans and high-tailed it out of there.

I came home and resumed my cooking while Chris continued to play obscure guitar riffs. Fortunately the spaghetti sauce turned out just fine and we had supper. I was somewhat surprised I didn't burn the garlic bread after everything else turned out alright.

After we cleaned up the supper dishes and realized that Desperate Housewives is still showing reruns for a couple more weeks, I asked Chris if he wanted to watch Mamma Mia, Kelly's copy that I still need to return from last week's party. He made it about two thirds of the way through (before he fell asleep). I really enjoyed it again and sat here smiling on my own right to the end, with Cooper snuggled up with me and Carter zonked on the floor on my duvet by my feet. Finally I headed over here for this windy blog update and just replayed the movie for some background sound. I might just watch it again! Looking forward to two shortened workweeks with Easter on its way next weekend...


Blogger Helen said...

hey girl...I will kick you up the donkey anytime! Bugger about the car stuck. Whoppper nails hey! And Katie will watch Mamma Mia with you ANYTIME!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 06, 2009 4:00:00 a.m.  
Blogger Angie said...

Hey!!!! You deleted me!

Monday, April 06, 2009 6:54:00 p.m.  

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