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Thursday, March 26, 2009

That Groundhog is Full of It

You call this SPRING? As I fully expected, after all the crappy rain we had this week, which devoured the ice road and many snowbanks, leaving gross brown piles of snow lying about, baring some grass and turning streets into rivers, (longest sentence in the history of the world), we get a freaking BLIZZARD. Winter is back, and in full force. Spring? NOT.

Well, aside from the weather rant, my week did get progressively better after my painful Monday. My elbow never got any darker than a light blue streak. Absolutely no sympathy factor when one doesn't bruise easily. After a few days it will be a lovely light green colour. Anyway, my arm seems fine movement-wise; just still painful to the touch.

Each day this week has been similar to the last. Go to work, come home, want to collapse but need to feed family. Eat supper. Want to collapse. Work on projects, then collapse! It was Cindy's birthday yesterday. Since her family's return from Mexico on the weekend, I threw together a quick 8x8 scrapbook album of their wedding pictures. I tracked her down at lunchtime at the Chinese restaurant, bringing along a coworker for a quick lunch. Cindy loved the album. Mission accomplished!

Lunch was a mad dash as usual. A quick bite and bolting off to take Carter to school. I also squeezed in a quick trip to the gas station and a trip home to get my medicine I had forgotten to take. Kelly and I ran some errands after work. One to the liquor store to pick up our refreshments for the upcoming pajama party. We also made a dash for Wal-Mart where I found some 'chicken chips' that I figured the kids would go for. The movie Bolt was out on DVD so I grabbed that to make the kids' day. (Oh and it sure did!) For supper I quickly whipped up some linguine with alfredo sauce and served it with the chicken chips. They are thin breaded chicken strips that look about the size of French fries. The kids dug them.

We've had Chris's Dad over for supper a couple times. Once on Tuesday, where I was all set to have hamburgers cooked on the barbecue, since it was unearthed from all the snow (at the time, though it's probably invisible once again!) I ran to the store for hamburger buns and in the short time I was gone, Chris called to inform me that the barbecue is toast. Looks like we need a new burner. Well the heat shield is pretty much gone too so it looks like we need a whole new barbecue. Chris still wanted to have hamburgers, but I was hellbent on having barbecued ones so I was back to the drawing board. Chris's Dad suggested having chicken take-out, and since it was Tuesday, I suggested 'Toonie Tuesday' from KFC. All five of us could have eaten for under twenty bucks, but somehow the two of them came back with forty-five bucks' worth of chicken, fries, gravy, corn and two kinds of salad. Crazy!

Tonight by the time I picked up Chris's Dad and came home to get supper on it was after six. I stuffed a pork tenderloin with StoveTop stuffing, cooked carrots and made mashed potatoes. Even the kids ate more than I expected. I had made them wrap sandwiches just in case, which they ate about half of in addition to supper. I did a little laundry and tidying while everyone visited and watched TV. Both boys had a bath and I got them into pajamas without any effort. Sweet. Now if I could just get Cooper to sleep. I'm going to go cuddle him to sleep and hopefull come back to do some scrapping!


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