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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Definition...nocturnal with a side dish of urine. The nighttime bed wetting has almost dwindled away to nothing, but I still have issues with Cooper if he has too much to drink before bed. Fighting this battle is a tough one. Do I give him that little bit more milk to stop his tired whining? Or do I fight him until he's asleep? The other thing I try is before I go to bed I stand his little sleeping self in front of the toilet and request for him to pee. It's worked a couple times but usually just ticks him off. The battle is still on.

We had a faaaaaaaaantastic Easter weekend! The Easter bunny actually came on Friday night. Saturday morning Carter came whispering to me in my room that he was here. Carter's first clue had been a pile of eggs in their bedroom doorway. He was very excited but being sweetly quiet about it. It was after all, not even seven o'clock yet. We couldn't let Cooper miss out on the fun so I woke him up. He was very groggy but also excited. There were trails of eggs across the living room carpet to two buckets of Easter goodness. There was a big 'dinosaur' chocolate that growls when you open the box, and egg colouring kits and some little sponge dartguns. Carter was absolutely ingenious in collecting his trail of eggs. He bulldozed them with his arms and quickly chucked them in the bucket. There were eggs everywhere. For about the first seven minutes I took a video, until my camera card was full. After they collected all the loot I took a few pictures.

Next we all got ready to go to the sheep farm. Chris had washed the Jeep. We headed out to be there for about ten o'clock, when Cindy and one of her girls was set to work there for the school fundraiser. When we arrived it was already getting busy. There were guys directing traffic and they led us to a muddy field, through a mudhole, since we were in the Jeep. There were all sorts of 4x4 type vehicles already in there. They seemed to be reserving the regular parking areas (the ones that were also close to everything) for the regular vehicles. No biggie...we were wearing boots. The kids had a grrrrrrreat time! They were moderately interested in the animals...from sheep to donkeys to goats to llamas and alpacas. In the back fields were elk or something. The kids had the most fun jumping on the hay bails they had set up. At first Cooper was very tentative and getting me to carry him across the haybails. Then he realized he could make it across himself and was leaping all over. Carter was climbing to the top of the piles and also having a great time.

Pictures, you say? Of course!

Chris's Grandpa came over to visit and I got that great picture of him with the two boys. I printed a handful of pictures for him to take home, including that one. Chris's brother was in town and came over to visit, also bringing their Dad over. As it got closer to suppertime, he sprung for pizza and pasta from Pizza Hut. Jason and I went to pick it up and we all pigged out. We watched movies and the kids went all cuckoo playing and running around, since they were on a fixed diet of Easter candy.

Mom was going to church that night, but Dad opted to just chauffeur her, since it was going to be a longer mass, with Cindy's niece having confirmation that night. Because Mom went to mass that night she didn't plan on going on Easter Sunday. I ended up bailing and not going at all. Baaaaaaaaaad. I spent a large portion of the day cooking bacon, onions, and a hundred perogies to bring to Mom and Dad's for Easter dinner. I was really multitasking...and was trying to iron my hair in between boiling and frying batches of perogies. By the time I was done all that there was just enough time to go pick up some sour cream that had completely escaped my mind when I had done my shopping. We headed out and picked up Chris's Dad and went to Mom and Dad's. I should have taken pictures there too, but didn't. There was a huge bunch of us all and the kids had a blast playing with all their cousins outside. Yes, outside! The weather has been a little more seasonally-appropriate these past few days.

Supper was massive as usual. There was a bit of visiting after supper, with Cindy showing everyone her gorgeous wedding pictures on her laptop. Uncle Barry brought his laptop too, and of course so did I. I gave him a hand with his. We rounded up the kids and headed home with plenty of leftovers. We ate leftovers for two days. Work has been insanely busy, and it's a weird workweek for me. Last week I worked four days then was off for four. This week I worked two and I'm off for one then I work one and I'm off for two. This is making for a very quick month of April!

Well, I've glossed over plenty of detail...partly to spare my three regular visitors and partly out of sheer exhaustion. I have an extremely early morning ahead of me and I really need to do my hair. Ugh.


Blogger Helen said...

not the hair again! LOL! Hope you had a super four days. Sounds pretty action packed to me. Bed wetting...hhmm... Katie has done it occasionally, my thoughts are with you.

Thursday, April 16, 2009 5:30:00 p.m.  

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