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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Something to Blog About - Edited!

I have plenty to blog about. I have adorable children that say the darndest things. I love my job and my family. I usually wait until everyone is asleep then I sneak over and blog. At all hours of the night. But obviously not this past week. I've been crashing fairly early lately. I doubt I'll be able to recapture all the events since last Thursday. I'll try.

Friday morning I was sitting at my desk as usual when I glanced at the clock to notice it was coffee time. Another glance toward a nice yellow post-it note with a reminder written with a Sharpie marker...Oil Change 8:30. CRAP. Chris had mentioned it to me before he left for work. I'm the one that made the appointment. I. just. plain. forgot.

I called the garage to ask if I could still bring the Jeep in. They said it was no problem. The timing was perfect for me since it was coffee break anyway. I dropped off the Jeep then walked down to Chris's work to get his truck. It was a PD day (no school) so that meant I had a full lunch hour. Cindy invited me for lunch with her and Bob and her friend Laura, since Cindy also didn't have school.

We had a great lunch, with plenty of time to spare not having to take off and run Carter to school. I'd had a caramel macchiatto in the morning with a Starbucks gift card I was given, so that along with the big lunch and large iced tea kept me going for the whole day.

It's still been fairly cool out. I've switched the boys to their spring jackets and all they want to do is play outside. I rented a few movies on the weekend. The Day the Earth Stood Still, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, and The Ant Bully. I went to a retirement party for a coworker on Saturday afternoon. The timing of the party overlapped with Chris's work, so Dad came over to hang with the boys until Chris came home. The party was lovely, with a great lunch.

Chris's Dad brought over KFC for supper. We watched the sci-fi movie. Not bad, I guess. I lent it to Mom and Dad, and Dad said it was a remake, which I was unaware of. The story was apparently similar but with more up-to-date special effects of course. It was alright.

Sunday I took Cooper to church. After church we went for breakfast with Mom and Dad at A&W. Auntie Lurdes and Uncle Cliff showed up there and joined us. I picked up Chris's Dad for supper and made spaghetti with cheesy garlic bread and Caesar salad. Good stuff.

Monday I was planning on making meatloaf for supper, but I got a call from Mom to invite us over for supper. I was even home at lunchtime thinking about preparing the meatloaf ahead but instead relaxed. Good thing since I didn't have to bother! We had spaghetti at Mom and Dad's. Cooper? ATE A TON. Two days in a row. Apparently he's loving spaghetti. Carter did a pretty good job too, but Cooper was voracious. Really. I took some hilarious videos of him devouring his food. Like an animal. We'll work on those manners later; in the meantime I'm thrilled he's eating!

Today I had a meeting after work. During the whole meeting I was printing letters and envelopes. As I was stuffing the very last envelope, the meeting ended. I was trying to finish the project so a coworker could deliver it to one of our other offices. She planned on leaving in the morning before office hours, so I figured I was going to take the whole works home and finish it up and take it to her house this evening. So I was glad Chris could pick up the boys and kind of glad for the meeting. Oh...and most of all? Glad the coworker is a workaholic and was still there at the office when I was done! Fait accompli! :)

I got home and of course the boys were playing outside. I started preparing the meatloaf for supper and called Chris's Dad to see if he still wanted to join us for a late supper. He did, so I picked him up. He hung out with the boys outside and I called them in when supper was almost ready. Chris had a quick shower then we had supper. I made shoestring fries (didn't have enough potatoes to mash!) and kernel corn and gravy. The boys were begging for ice cream, which we did not have. Apparently the neighbour kid was over playing and was eating a popsicle, which made the boys covet the cold treat. We conned the kids into eating all their supper so we could have ice cream. Carter wanted a popsicle like the kid next door, and Cooper was adamant that he wanted chocolate ice cream. Instead of spending a fortune at Dairy Queen for everyone's individual tastes, I did a Safeway run for a box of popsicles and a box of chocolate ice cream. Everyone was happy.

We visited for awhile then Chris drove his Dad home. I started printing some birth announcements I made as a gift for a coworker. That took me quite some time, and I ran out of colour ink. Unfortunately it was quarter after eleven by this time and Wal-Mart was long since closed. Bummer. I decided to watch a movie after I cut out all the announcements. I borrowed Nights in Rodanthe from a coworker. It sat on my desk today and everyone kept asking if I'd seen it and telling me how good it was. So, starting around twelve-thirty I watched it. It was fairly mellow. I was loving it of course because of Richard Gere. Then the waterworks started. I was a big wad of snot and tears by the end. Watching a chick flick after midnight with PMS means I'm going to end up crying. I decided to blog after the movie, then Chris woke up from his 'other bed' on the couch where he usually zonks out! It's now nearly THREE and I need to go to sleep. I'll try to shrink and post a video of Cooper's spaghetti escapades but not until at least tomorrow.

Dad reminded me that when we were leaving their place the other night, Carter was half asleep cuddled up with my Mom. Dad made some comment about keeping Carter and Cooper replied, ''No, you can't have him. He's our kid.'' I doubt Carter would have ever done the opposite. He'd have just walked out the door without him. Kinda sweet how Cooper claimed his big brother. Here are a couple pictures of Cooper at A&W the other day; I haven't done anything with the spaghetti video yet.


Blogger 20Birds said...

you do have alot to bloag about, i lvoed reading it and grew envious wishing my oldest daughter was closer... it is a rich post and a richer life.. melany thanks for sharing

Wednesday, April 29, 2009 6:42:00 a.m.  
Blogger 20Birds said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009 6:42:00 a.m.  
Blogger Angie said...

Girl, this is wonderful. I love the stories of the boys (Chris included), and your family.

Love you my friend!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009 10:44:00 a.m.  

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