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Friday, May 08, 2009


Wow the days really run together when I don't blog every day!

Yesterday was a banner day. We took Cooper to school for the first time last night. There was a 'Welcome to Kindergarten' workshop at the school. It was held in Carter's classroom, the senior kindergarten room. We left Carter with Kelly so the event could be all about Cooper.

Earlier, Kelly and I took the boys to the blood donor clinic. I was rejected again, due to an iron count that is too low for their standards. That Mother Nature sure is a PITA!!! Kelly and I always seem to take turns being able to donate. The timing still worked out well. Chris went home to shave and shower and met up with us at the clinic. The boys had more than their fair share of goodies and Chris had arrived just before Kelly was done with her donation. We sat and had a snack with Kelly then we took off with Cooper and left Carter with her.

Cooper seemed to like the idea of the classroom in general, particularly because of all the toys. He didn't really want to follow along with the stations we visited but it must have been very overwhelming for him. The place was packed with families. It will be exciting to see how he interacts when it's really time to start going to school. No, I didn't take any pictures; it was really quite chaotic in there!

Well, we've been finally getting some spring weather, but today was a cool one, including a threat of snow which thankfully hasn't happened. I worked on some birthday invitations for Carter's birthday, which is tomorrow but we're having the party on a later date. I'll be sure to take pictures of the birthday boy.

Chris's Dad joined us for supper and picked up A&W food. Unfortunately someone there doesn't know how to read, since I wrote down the order for the kids and me for Chris and his Dad to take with them. My burger wasn't plain and with my absolute loathing of condiments such as ketchup, relish and mustard, my burger still remains intact. I grudgingly ate my onion rings and a few of the kids' fries. I had started cleaning the bathroom when they arrived, and continued cleaning after supper including sweeping and mopping the kitchen floor, a task that was long overdue. I also migrated a big bin of toys back to the basement. Little by little they work their way back upstairs and the kids' room ends up overrun. It looks fairly decent in there right now with the work I did on the weekend to clean out the closet.

Well, it's already tomorrow, so here's a little Happy Birthday wish to my boy! Happy SIXTH birthday, Carter!!!


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