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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Going Green

The weather is trying hard to get nice. Last time I checked it hit ten degrees out there. I've been noticing things are getting a little greener. Chris spread some grass seed on the weekend then we got a ton of rain so we're hoping for good results.

The kids would love to play outside but Mommy would have to freeze her butt off to supervise. So I con the kids into coming in. I'd recently been thinking about bringing out the bouncer again. When we got it last yearish, the kids loved it. It fits perfectly in our dining area. Unfortunately Cooper got ahold of a pen and poked a hole in it. I patched it then took it down and put it away. We haven't had it out since.

Chris actually had been thinking about it too, since he dug it out and inflated it this evening. The kids went crazy over it and did plenty of bouncing. No, I haven't taken pictures yet. After we came home today I was completely spent. I reclined on the couch and dozed intermittently until after seven. I talked on the phone for awhile then started to perk up again.

Today was another fast day at the office. We had a handful of staff away at meetings and it made for a quiet day. The rest of the week will likely be much of the same. I think I might have an early night tonight. If I can muster the energy I might scrap a page or two before I hit the hay. Hopefully I'll have something to post tomorrow.


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