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Thursday, May 21, 2009


Well it's still cool but it was a beautiful day! After work I actually hung out with the boys for awhile. Someone's garbage bag across the street had been ripped open by birds or something this morning and with the wind we had garbage all over our yard and on the street when I got home.

Chris had picked up all the stuff in the yard then I grabbed a garbage bag AND GLOVES and picked it up off the street. I went across the street to bring back the neighbour's garbage. I hope they don't mind, but it was theirs to start with!

The boys had a great time playing outside. I tidied up the Jeep and Chris started to take apart some more of our rotten old fence. We're going to be putting up a new fence this summer (I'm hoping there might be a Dad-for-hire that might be reading this!!!) And if said Dad feels like putting in a new toilet we'd hire for that too! :)

Work was good today. Since we have a summer student helping out, I was able to do a long-awaited organizing project. Now if only I could stay on task when I attempt stuff like that at home!

I took Carter to Subway to get him and Cooper a sub for supper. Chris and I were both still full from lunch. I fed the kids and they still wanted to play outside. I did a Wal-Mart run for some groceries. I came home and shortly after Cindy stopped by with a couple of the kids for a quick visit before she had to pick up Zack from work.

I folded some more laundry while the boys had fun playing with the laser pointers I picked up at the dollar store. Talk about cheap entertainment. Cooper broke his in the first ten seconds and I had to MacGyver it back together with the broken button taped onto it on the outside. The threads are so flimsy that they kept falling apart. I'm sure they'd be okay with proper, regular use but give my kids something delicate and they'll break it for sure. When the kids were getting ready for bed, Cooper knocked his on the edge of the bathroom sink and one of the batteries went down the drain. Crap. I tried to use my MacGyver skills to retrieve it but it didn't work out.

Both boys brushed their teeth (thanks to the lovely dental gals at my office who gave Carter a 'brushing log' at his school to track his toothbrushing.) I've been getting both boys to brush their teeth twice a day and they get to put either a sun or moon sticker on the chart. It's working! Now they're both snug in their beds. Somehow I OMGMISSEDTHETWOHOURFINALEOFDESPERATEHOUSEWIVES. I have no idea how I could have forgotten it. I guess we just were having way too much fun on Sunday visiting family! :) I found out I can actually watch it on CTV so I'm going to give that a try tonight.


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