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Monday, June 01, 2009

Waiting for Spring...

It's been a very cool week. Cool as in COLD. All weekend we stayed inside. Booooooooo. On Friday we picked up a bike for Cooper. Chris found a super cute secondhand bike that looks like a dirt bike. We were looking to get him a big kid bike but didn't want to spend a lot. This is perfect...

Love at first sight

Happily ever after

On Friday evening Cindy and I went to a funeral visitation. When I got home I was surprised to find that Chris and the boys had gone inside...but not overly surprised that the new bike came in the house too. Cooper never took his hands off that thing all weekend. He tried to sleep with the bike too. It was adorable. A few times he got me to cover him with a blanket, but of course I had to include the bike. He gave it a name, but I'll have to get him to refresh my memory of what it is!

On Thursday Dad came over and installed our new toilet. It's one of those dual-flush jobbies and will save us plenty on water compared to the old one. The old one is that sort of harvest-gold-canary-yellow colour from way back in the day. I was musing that I'll need to clean this sparkly white one far more often since things will be more noticeable on it. It's always nice to buy something new. (Thanks again, Dad!)

Now to go back earlier in the week...last Sunday was a b-e-a-utiful day. We got our stuff together and had an early start. We took the boys to the park. Not the usual park we go to, but the one at the beach. It's fantastic! They have two humongous play areas including swings. We walked down the beach and down a path along the shore. I took about a hundred pictures (I feel another slideshow coming on...)

I went to a quarter auction at our church in the afternoon. Mom was volunteering at it and I went with my friend Diane. I actually won a prize. I got home in the nick of time to cook supper. I had invited Chris's Dad and Grandpa and they had already arrived before I got home. (Oops!) I made chicken legs and asparagus with hollandaise sauce and rice. Chris's Dad brought a yummy strawberry mango torte. We had a great visit.

Of course it's been so long since I've blogged that I am having a hard time recollecting all the events of the past week. We watched the movie Taken with Liam Neeson. EXCELLENT movie. Plenty of action and some serious vigilantism. It was a bad week for bedwetting. One night I didn't even realize Cooper had crawled into our bed and peed in his sleep. On my duvet and sheets. He had already peed his bed that night before I even went to bed. So yesterday I did a whole pile of laundry to clean all the bedding. I got the bright idea to hang it all on the clothesline since it looked like a beautiful sunny day. It was beautiful, but oh so cold. I still hung out all the duvets and comforters on the line and they were so fresh when I brought them in.

On Tuesday Dad offered to take Carter to school, which gave me the opportunity to join a former coworker and some others for lunch. We had Chris's Dad over for supper that day; this time it was pork tenderloin medallions, rice, French-style green beans and coleslaw. At some early in the week, Cooper cut a chunk of his hair off; right at the front of course. It was just behind his hairline. Not too bad, but definitely noticeable. It was kind of a jagged chunk, and wasn't really fixable. We were kind of letting his hair grow into a shaggy doo. This changed things. It would have been way too short to buzz it down to the shortest pieces he cut, so I took him to the barber for a trim. It's actually a nice haircut and will make growing it back in easier. Hopefully it's a lesson learned; we'll see.

Well, since I'm so sketchy on the rest of the details (no thanks to my addiction to playing Pathwords on Facebook...I never even think about blogging or scrapbooking in the evenings anymore. OY!) I'm going to sign off and show the rest of the details in pictures. :)

Oh this just I blurted all that out I remembered a few more details of this weekend. Yesterday I did a pile of grocery shopping. I was pretty proud of myself for making lists for all the stores from the advertising flyers. When I got home Chris was going to barbecue our hamburgers on the little camping barbecue again, but instead I went to Kelly's house to pick up the barbecue she had available for us to borrow. Ours needed parts and we thought it wouldn't be worth fixing. Plus we didn't want to fork out big bucks for a new one.

Anyway, Chris had trouble with the regulator or something and finally went to get parts for ours. I was thrilled to have our barbecue back and so was he! We had big fantastic sirloin burgers. I made coleslaw and sliced onion, tomato, and pickles, and put it all on a plate with cheese slices and lettuce. Carter built himself a big, tall burger! Oddly my children eat onions. Of all the vegetables out there! And suddenly Carter started eating pickles. He's never been much of a fan. Weird!

I also just remembered that I went to a baby shower today. Had a great time and a great visit with the girls :) Here are the pictures from the park last weekend. Sorry for such a mixed up blog post!


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