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Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Today was a pretty quick Monday. When it felt like coffee time this morning, it was lunchtime. I spent part of the morning doing one of my favourite things; the month-end supply order. At lunchtime I grabbed some fries and had a quick bite with Chris. I took Carter to school. On the way back to work I came home to take some chicken out of the freezer for supper.

The afternoon went fairly quickly too. I got a call from Carter's school. I knew right away that I needed to go pick him up. We've made a new arrangement for getting him back to the sitter and our new helper kinda forgot! I picked Carter up and brought him back to my office for the last hour of my day. We went to pick up Cooper and dropped off Carter with Chris and I took Cooper with me to Wal-Mart. Chris wanted me to pick up some new shoes for the boys. I managed to squeeze in a new pair of sandals for myself; mine are sooooooooooo wrecked and I wanted to get some new ones IN CASE WE GET A SUMMER THIS YEAR!!! I also grabbed a pair of sandals for Chris. He has these old, gross sandals that I detest and each year they crawl out of the woodwork (seemingly on their own). I always threaten to chuck them but I think Chris hides them on me. If I get my hands on them I'll make sure there are scissors in my hands. Fortunately Chris likes the new sandals.

I came home and started supper. I marinated some chicken breasts in Italian dressing. Chris barbecued them while I baked potatoes and cooked some peaches'n'cream corn. The boys ate very well; I'm seeing a big improvement in how much they eat, provided there is a suitably seasoned piece of meat for them to eat. Cooper devoured a big pile of corn too. The two of them shared at least one whole chicken breast.

Not long after supper, Cooper was asking to eat some cereal. Since I grocery-shopped the other day, the boys have hit the cereal habit hard. Cooper calls Froot Loops ''Fruit Lips'' and I laugh every time. Carter likes the Vector cereal. So do I but at least three times in a row that I have been to the store I have neglected to pick up any regular milk. I'm not a milk lover to start with, so there's no way I'm putting soy milk on my cereal.

We had a relatively quiet evening, with both boys going to sleep at a decent hour. Then there's me; up after midnight again. I'd better get myself to bed earlier than I did last night. Perhaps I'll forfeit any games of Pathwords and head straight for the Sudoku tonight... :)


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