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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Let's Get This Party Started!

Oh look who's here...the long-lost blogger! I don't know what happened. There's been plenty happening to blog, perhaps too much for me to gather my thoughts about.

There are some big changes coming up for the kids and me. A couple weeks ago I got a call from the school day care to tell me they had space for Carter in the after school program but not for Cooper. Crap. Cooper is the cause of the logistical problems for me. I had planned to take Carter to school (since he will be full days now!) and Cooper to the sitter in the morning. Then at lunchtime (as I've done with Carter for the past two years) take Cooper to school. After school in the past I had someone to walk Carter back to the sitter. But even if I had that same arrangement, Cooper is only THREE and I don't want him walking no matter what. Not to mention our dreadful -40 degree weather in winter or his strongwilledness (yeah it's a word now) that could cause trouble on such a walk.

I asked what I needed to do to get Cooper in the program and was told I needed to put him in for the full day. I think my previous hangup about this was paying for a full day even though he would be in school. However, I was pleased to learn that even with Cooper in the daycare for the morning and both kids in the after school program, that my child care expenses would be decreasing by fourteen dollars a day. That, with the convenience of delivering two children to the same location on every busy morning and not having to take Cooper to school on my lunch hour, made it a no-brainer. I will take great delight in dropping both boys off at the same location in the mornings as I've done for so long, and reclaiming my lunch hour. Plus I won't feel compelled to race over to pick them up the second the clock reaches the end of my workday...I will have the option to run to the store or whatever at no extra cost or worry about inconvenience. I'm a little fearful of all the big changes and of giving up our sitter but I'm hoping all the positive things will make it an easy transition.

Today was actually Cooper's tour of the day care facility at the school. I think he's going to love it because I already had a heck of a time getting him to leave with me and go back to the babysitter so I could go back to work! School starts next week so we'll see how things go.

Last week I took Carter to see the movie Ice Age 3. We both loved it. I love those mom and son dates and we should do that more often.

Work has been busy and the days have flown by. I can't believe it's been a month already since we were on vacation. The weather hasn't cooperated enough for us to do any camping on the weekends, but we get outside when we can. Chris went on a camping trip this past weekend with his buddies; it was a beautiful weekend. On Friday evening Cindy and I took the kids out to Blue Lake to see our cousin Amanda and her family that were camping there. Her two kids are each about a year younger than each of mine and they played together awesomely. We had a great visit.

On Saturday I did a little housework then we went to the park with my coworker Kaitlin. There's a new climber at one of the parks and they have a fun sprinkler there too. We took the boys to Subway after and I found an ingenious way to keep the boys from getting too crazy there. I told them there were cameras watching and there was a man in the back room watching us on a TV and he would kick us out if we got too out of hand. It worked for the most part though the kids were getting a little tired and whiny.

When we got home Cooper launched into one of his cranky tantrums but I managed to keep him at bay and he fell asleep shortly after. :) After supper Cooper wanted to turn off all the lights and close the blinds and watch a movie. He calls it our movie feeter (theatre). We cuddled up and watched Coraline for the umpteenth time. I let the boys sleep with me both nights. Of course now they think they can do that all the time. (Tonight both of them were bathed, pajama'd and sleeping by nine o'clock. That has to be a record lately.)

On Sunday Chris came home just before noon as he promised. I was invited to a spa party that Cindy and I planned to go to together. It started at six so I picked Cindy up and we were on our way. The products at the party are called Arbonne. It's Swiss stuff and it's really nice. I actually ordered a couple things. My skin felt delightful after putting all the masks and lotions and creams on throughout the evening. It was a great evening with some nice ladies.

I took a zillion pictures on our trip but haven't scrapped a single one yet. When we returned from our holiday I found out a friend of mine was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer. My thoughts have been with him and his family since and I have been having a hard time focusing on anything fun and creative lately. Please help me pray for him and his family.

I'm really hoping to get back into a creative flow once the kids get in a routine at school. We'll see. Now I know this post doesn't make up for weeks of absence but if I remember anymore good stuff I'll be sure to post it. I need to get back into the blogging groove to so I can document our lives. It doesn't make time go by any slower but at least it helps me keep track of what we're up to! :)


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