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Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Forgetful Blogger

Well, it's fall fair weekend and so far we've avoided going. Yesterday I made the huge mistake of taking Cooper with me to go get the boys happy meals for supper. He spotted the fair immediately and kept talking about going. When we got home he played outside while Chris changed the brakes on his truck. I feared he would start spouting off about the fair again when he came in but I managed to redirect him by offering him a bath. After his bath I told him we could pull the blinds and turn off the lights and watch a movie with popcorn. That worked too.

I actually have gotten to the point where I often forget I have a blog. I'm not sure if I'm too tired or too lazy or just not interested in our daily goings-on, but I really want to keep it going. It's been a quiet week. This was our last full week with our babysitter; our last day with her is Monday. Carter starts school full-time next week and Cooper will go to his new day care and start the 'gentle entry' process into junior kindergarten.

It looks like I need a new printer again. I've had some big projects lately and the printer is printing badly. I have done all the maintenance processes repeatedly but I only get half of one good page before it starts showing lines across the page. Bummer. Good thing I just buy the cheap ones. I hope Wal-Mart will have a good deal for me again.

The weather is surprisingly beautiful on this fall fair weekend, presumably because I planned to avoid going to it. Hopefully the rest of the weekend will be good too, and hopefully I'll remember to come here and post about it!


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