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Saturday, August 29, 2009

No Fair!

Well I rather artfully dodged the fair this weekend. I do actually enjoy taking the kids there; they love the rides and I love all the snacks and exhibits and taking the kids to see the animals and stuff. Usually the weather sucks for this particular weekend every year but this year magically was a cool yet lovely sunny one. I'm suspicious that the weather was kind since I opted to not go there. Since we had our big trip this summer I kind of wanted to avoid the fair since nothing there is as cool as our trip was, and I didn't feel like shelling out even the sixty bucks just to get us in the door and get a wristband on the kids for the rides. My friend Tracy figures her family blew about a hundred and fifty dollars there and I could see us easily nearing that if we went.

In other money saving news, I cut all three boys' hair today. It started with Cooper's getting ahold of my craft scissors I left out on the table when I went to lie down with a headache. BIG mistake. He took a large chunk off the top front of his hair. We didn't notice right away; Chris saw a few tufts of hair in the garbage that prompted us to immediately investigate! He did this not long ago, but that was at the sitter's house; this time it was all mommy's fault. Ooooooops. After awhile, I offered to cut his hair to fix it up and he was actually a very willing customer. I got out the clippers and cut his hair the way I used to before I started taking the kids to the barber. It looks much better. He always looks a little tougher and more grown up when his hair is cut short. Carter wanted in on the haircutting action so I trimmed his hair too. I just used the clippers all around the sides and back and left it a little longer on top. Nice school haircuts, just not how I planned them happening! Another little financial bright spot today happened when I went to do some banking...I opened up the gas bill and it was a credit! I love it when that happens! :)

After Chris got home from work he went to a pedicure appointment I set up for him. His feet were hurtin' units again; his workboots pummel his heels into solid masses of callus. He came home greatly relieved and decided to move the camper to the back yard so we could camp out tonight. The boys were excited to see the camper and spent awhile outside playing. I felt like crap all day; my headache is finally now starting to subside. I did manage to get myself together and go shopping. I went to trade in the propane tank for the barbecue and filled up the Jeep at the gas station. I ran to Wal-Mart to grab burgers and stuff for supper. So the money I didn't spend at the fair? The gas station and Wal-Mart got. I figure it was better spent this way though.

I came home from shopping and Chris grilled the burgers and some zucchini slices. Cooper had one again; this still surprises me. After supper Cooper started to get a little rangy. I recalled he hadn't had a nap today so I wasn't surprised. I cleaned up the supper stuff and cut Chris's hair. Shortly after, Chris fell asleep on the couch. Carter was next and Cooper wanted to watch Coraline. I just happened to have my iPod in hand, and the movie happens to be on there. He fell asleep about five minutes into the movie. So much for our little camping excursion...unless I wake Chris up to see if he still wants to head out to the back yard with two sleeping kids!

In the meantime, I'm going to work on a couple projects and perhaps attempt a little bit of scrapping. I doubt I'm that motivated, but I'll give it a shot. :)

Oh and I might as well leave you with a picture of the two new haircuts... :)


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