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Sunday, September 27, 2009

I Blinked

...and another week has gone by. This was a pretty busy one. Monday night I started getting ready for my trip to Thunder Bay with Cindy. I prepackaged four days' worth of clothing for the boys in zip-loc bags and caught up on a bit of laundry.

Tuesday after work Cindy and I left for Thunder Bay. We met up with Mom and Dad at their hotel. The next morning we all went over to the hospital for Dad's surgery. It was a couple hours of waiting until they took him in, a few hours of surgery, a couple hours of recovery and we finally got to see him again. We were at the hospital about twelve hours that day.

Dad was pretty perky despite the big surgery and was making us laugh because he was even more silly than his usual jokey self. Thursday morning we went back and Dad was doing well. We spent much of the day there again before leaving to come home.

Friday was an odd day at work because of my two days off in the middle of the week. It felt like Monday. We had a quiet evening at home. Saturday Chris worked until noon and had brought home a small go-kart for the kids to play with. He played outside with the boys for hours and went all over with Cooper in the go-kart. We ordered pizza for supper (online!) and watched TV.

Today I had a horrible headache that actually started yesterday. I took some Tylenol but all I wanted to do was lie down. I spent half the day in bed. Good thing my friend Diane called me to remind me we were going out. I spent a big part of the afternoon working on a DVD slideshow for my upcoming work conference. I had it all finished and burned to DVD already but I was reminded I was missing some pictures. Now I have it all set to music with cool transitions between the pictures and I'm really happy with it. I hope nobody decides I need to make changes. It's just not that simple!

Cindy and I have been in touch with Mom each day since we left and Dad has graduated off liquids. She said he had cream of broccoli soup today. I bet it felt like a gourmet meal after all the ice chips he ate for a few days! Well, it's another busy week ahead; I need to go check on the laundry demons in the basement.


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