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Sunday, September 06, 2009

The Great Backyard

Days Three and Four (Thursday and Friday) were great. I seem to be settling into the new routine nicely! The boys are faring pretty well too!

We've spent the last two nights camping out in the backyard. Chris set up the camper last weekend but we never used it. So on Friday night we borrowed a fire pit at the last minute from Chris's friend. We enjoyed hotdogs on the fire and s'mores. I kinda cheated on the s'mores...I bought the cookies with the chocolate already on them and we just put the roasted marshmallows in between. It might not be as chocolatey as using a chocolate bar, but it's far less messy and easier for the kids to assemble and keep together!

We sat around our little campfire and the boys got tired and went in the camper to sleep. Chris's friend Nick and his girlfriend came over and we sat outside visiting until almost one o'clock, which amazed me since it only felt like maybe ten!

Yesterday Chris worked until noon. I had a headache (possibly from a couple drinks the night before but not definitely) so I was laying low and was out of Tylenol. Mom and Dad stopped by on their way home from Thunder Bay and Mom gave me some. I went to lie down for awhile, though Cooper was being a little monkey and not letting me rest. I locked myself in my room and after Cooper bashed on the door for awhile, he gave up and went to have a nap with Chris. I finally got to rest and slept off my headache. When I woke up I opened the bedroom door. Cooper crawled up on the bed in the semi-dark room and ever-so-randomly said, ''I love your eyes.'' I asked him what he loved about them and he told me, ''When you blink them they look beautiful.'' I just about died from the sweetness. Sometimes he comes up with the best stuff!

I got up and ready and went to Wal-Mart to pick up some more camping snacks. This time we had barbecued hamburgers. I also picked up pretzels and some Smartfood popcorn, along with some special candy treats. We had only a bit of firewood on Friday night so we were out of firewood. Seconds after I posted a request on Facebook for firewood, Cindy showed up with a box of it. Hilarious. She hadn't seen my post but we had talked on the phone. A few minutes later we got a call from a Facebook friend saying Chris could pick up some more. Chris and Carter went to get it. We now have enough for at least one more campout!

The boys stayed up a bit later than the first night. We all snuggled up on lawn chairs and did a bit of stargazing. Carter went in the camper on his own and went to sleep but Cooper wanted me to lie down with him. Chris came in the camper and when he went to lie down with Carter, Cooper wanted to cuddle with Daddy too. He climbed up on our bed and weaseled his way between the sleeping Carter and Daddy. I was on the table bed and fell asleep almost instantly. Chris called out to me when both boys were sleeping and we moved them to the other bed and had a peaceful night.

This morning Chris left early to go fishing. The boys were up pretty early too and we came in the house for breakfast and a movie. We've been watching Underdog pretty much non-stop since I rented it the other night. I also rented Duplicity but we haven't had the chance to watch it yet. Hopefully Chris will come home with a good feed of fish and we can continue our camp-out weekend with a fish fry.


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