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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Time Shift

I really don't know where time goes. Just when I thought I might become a regular blogger again, another week passes.

Last week I didn't mention the boys started Judo again. Twice a week. Chris and I take turns taking them. It starts earlier now, and is a shorter session to accommodate the younger kids like ours and the more advanced judoists later. I haven't taken any pictures yet; maybe if the kids each get a new gi then the pictures will look different from last season!

I didn't end up posting new pictures, but managed to change my blog header from a winter scene to a summer one; just in time for the season to change to fall and winter again. ::sigh::

Today was my turn for Judo, but I only took Carter. Awhile after I returned to work from my lunch break, I got a call from the school that Cooper had hit another kid. I thought the lady meant he punched someone, but she rephrased and told me he bonked heads with another kid and had a goose egg on his head. She said at first he was fine and all talkative but then he got quiet and wasn't feeling well. I went to pick him up right away and brought him back to work with me to keep an eye on him. I'd planned to finish what I was working on and take him home, but he was surprisingly easy to entertain with my iPad (briefly). A coworker gave him a little project to do; cutting out some therapy materials for the speech pathologists. He even paper clipped them together and handed them in separately. Cute.

I took him for coffee break too and he got to have a cuddle with Kelly for a few minutes. Obviously he seemed fine by this time but whenever I had mentioned bringing him back to school, he professed that he wasn't feeling THAT well! I managed to stay at work for the rest of the afternoon. I brought Cooper home and Chris picked Carter up. We had a quick supper before I took off in the pouring rain to bring Carter to judo.

I've been working on a few projects lately; some wedding items for a coworker I did as a gift:

Since last winter, we've been without cable TV. I switched us over to Netflix back in Februaryish. I don't miss cable TV at all, though our Netflix is LOUSY compared to the U.S. And it's not a U.S. thing, it's a Canada thing. Apparently our CRTC or whatever governing body licenses television and movie viewing around here doesn't allow all the programming. So much of it is old or "B" movies but still, it's commercial-free and only eight bucks a month, and the kids don't seem to watch as much TV. I kept us on cable internet though, thank goodness, and we can watch pretty much any TV shows we're missing out on on the computer, though that's rare. The kids seem to be loving watching old Pink Panther cartoon episodes, which I find amusing.

Well, that's about it for me; hope to be back soon! :)


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