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Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Little Bit of Catchy-Uppy

Cripes it's been ages. We had an awesome winter, which is odd for me to say since I haven't been a fan for a long, long time. The weather was pretty favourable, and the clincher was accompanying the boys on their school ski trip. I actually put skis on for the first time in over twenty years.

The boys had a great season of Judo. Cooper received a promotion from yellow belt to yellow with an orange stripe. Carter didn't receive the same promotion so it was a major life lesson that evening.

I'm going to sum up the past six or eight months with a few pictures. Facebook is nearly my sole connection to the outside world these days; I don't ever do digital scrapbooking anymore, however I keep relatively busy with my hobby of doing birthday invitations, business cards and other print projects.

Carter turned NINE last week. I'm just in the process of planning his party. I printed up some lovely Minecraft-themed invitations, however in the meantime he has decided on a Pokemon party. ::sigh::

Here are a few event updates...
October 2011:
Thanksgiving - dinner at Mom and Dad's with the whole fam-damily.
Concert with Cindy, Carmelle, and Yvette to see Alyssa Reid and Neverest.
A family trip out to our friends' cabin for the weekend.
Dacryocystorhinostomy - I had eye surgery to create a new tear duct to divert from my blocked duct. It was successful, however after a few months has started to leak again. :(

November 2011:
The arrival of a friend's new baby. (Welcome Joseph!)
Girls' Night Out (hereafter referred to as GNO) - consists of snacks and drinks at one of the girls' places. We try to do this as often as we can all convene to celebrate birthdays or just everyday life.
Date night to a Jully Black concert - FANTASTIC!

December 2011:
The arrival of Marsha and Ryan's twin girls - August and Reverie. Welcome girls! ♥
A fairly quiet Christmas with family.

January 2012
A new Judo dojo - a very short walk from home instead of a fifteen-minute drive! :)
Going sliding at the park...Daddy tried to show off for the boys on their GT sno racers and landed on his head. Mr. Stubborn wouldn't go to the doctor but he quite likely broke his shoulder. A week at home to recover shortened our summer vacation. :(

February 2012
Another concert - Serena Ryder - fantastically talented young lady!
Family Day - first time off on Family Day for me. We participated in some community activities - there was a huge man-made sliding hill and we all had fun there!
Mom on TV's "You Gotta Eat Here" - episode from Buster's Barbecue.

March 2012
A long-awaited movie - "The Hunger Games". Well done. :)

April 2012
Auntie Lurdes' retirement party.
Doggy sitting.
Trip to Thunder Bay with Kelly and a sweet present for doggy sitting - a Kindle!

May 2012
Business Excellence Awards - Nominated for Employee of the Year - Service Sector. A great evening out. I didn't win the category but had a fantastic dinner and evening out with friends.
Hope and the City - Wow! GNO of all GNOs! A night to raise money for Cancer plus a night to get all gussied up and go out with 500 other women! Good times were had by all!


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