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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Happy Housewarming!

Tuesday easy-getaway-day. I still had to race to get to work but I made it. It was staff meeting day and our staff meetings are very streamlined now. At lunch time I had a meeting that I attended part of then came home for lunch. Dad had picked up Subway for Mom and the boys and me. I ate my lunch and had a short visit and was having a cuddle with Cooper right before I had to leave for work.

That's when he barfed all over me. I was cuddling him up on my shoulder and miraculously he missed my hair. My shoulder, back and hip were plastered, along with the couch. Thank GOD we have leather furniture. It did, however, seep a little between the cushions. Lucky for me Mom was there. I handed Cooper to Mom, tied my hair back in a ponytail so it wouldn't get in the puke, went to get towels and did a preliminary cleaning of the couch. I grabbed Fantastik and paper towels and did a secondary cleaning of the couch. Once I had the furniture situation under control, it was time for a bath. Five minutes before my lunch break was over.

I called work to explain the situation and hopped in the tub. I did a quick wash so I wouldn't be all stinky. As I was hunting for something to wear, I got a call from work. The phone guys were there to put in a new phone and I wasn't there to tell them what we needed! I gave the directions over the phone and asked my coworker to keep phone guy there 'cause I had other questions.

I got dressed and headed back to work. I did catch phone guy before he left and got my questions answered. I came home after work and Cooper hadn't eaten much all day. After Mom left I fed him some macaroni and cheese and veggies. He ate pretty well, and I gave him a bottle. I figured he was getting better. At least he's in good spirits, but he's been kind of quiet. Except for the gas. That is the noisiest part of him these days. And stink? Whew!

Once I got everyone in bed I chatted with my friend Kendra for awhile. It's been ages so it was a good catch-up. I went to bed around eleven.

This morning, I got up at about six-thirty. Carter had been up since five-thirty according to Chris. I had a shower, got dressed, face on, etc. Fed Carter breakfast. Cooper got up and I fed him and dressed him. We were all ready with plenty of time to spare! THEN Cooper puked. It was a pretty well projected projectile vomit, but he still projected some on his clothing. Crikey. So I got him all undressed and redressed and got everyone in their respective snowsuits and we headed out. It was cooooooooooold this morning.

I dropped them off at the babysitter without incident and went to work. I was half-expecting a call about Cooper, but he had a decent day aside from not eating much again. I had a gnarly headache for most of the day. I took three extra-strength Midol in the morning that didn't touch it. The next three I took in the afternoon must have done it. By mid-afternoon I felt like myself again, like I was being released from the evil clutches of Aunt Flo.

I picked up the boys from the sitter after work and we came home. I fed Cooper a tiny bit of supper and Carter ate pretty well. I fed Cooper some cereal which he was more receptive to, and shortly after was off to Bingo with Mom. It had already snowed quite a bit but the roads weren't too bad yet. I drove across the lake and picked up Mom and we were on our way.

I actually won a Bingo! I won a hundred bucks. Usually when I get down to a couple numbers I say something, but I kept really quiet and when I got the last number I really really yelled Bingo out loud. I scared the crap out of my Mom. It was pretty funny. And it felt good to yell Bingo! heehee. There were quite a few other times where Mom and I were close to winning again, but there were no more Bingos to be had by either of us.

It snowed quite a bit more while we were at Bingo and the roads are now pretty well snow covered and few have been plowed yet. I'm so happy we have a garage where I get to park! I came home and Cooper was snoozing on the living room floor beside where Chris was also snoozing on the couch. Carter was in bed.

I'm working on some baby shower thank you cards and doing a couple staff ID cards for work then I have to get a few things ready for morning and I'm off to bed.

Oh yeah - the big tidbit for today was that we got a new furnace that was installed today! We knew our furnace was old like our house, but we recently discovered it is from 1959! So today the furnace guys came to install the new one, and had it up and running by noon. I was anticipating coming home to a cold house since they'd be working on it all day, but it was warm and toasty and the furnace was humming along when we got home. Sweet!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you sure your little man does not have a tummy bug? Or maybe just like a Katie and overnight her eating habits changed and she stopped puking when I stopped feeding her so much? And where are the photos? Gosh! You'd think you were a working girl now or something! ~ Love Helen

Thursday, January 11, 2007 2:59:00 p.m.  
Blogger Angie said...

Hey girl,

Glad to hear things are (sort of) normal around there. We're on a hunger strike here, too. She refuses to eat things she used to eat, and eats things she never would have touched before. I chalk it up to her being a GIRL.

I'll try to find you tonight. Need a shower. Need to sort pics and papers for a (real) scrapbooking crop tomorrow night. heehee

Miss talking to you. Maybe I'll call in the morning on my way to the gym. Ha ha, I won't do *that* again, bathtub girl!


Thursday, January 11, 2007 7:08:00 p.m.  

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